4 Ways to Become the Organizational Leader of Your Warehouse

Become the master of your warehouse in a few steps, Fishbowl BlogBecoming organized and becoming a leader are processes that require special skills and knowledge. Being an organizational leader for a warehouse is similar to being a business manager. You have to assign priorities to workers, oversee dangerous operations, and make suggestions to improve the work environment. It is about leading, supervising, and inspiring.

Here are four smart ways that you can become the best organizational leader of your warehouse. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Workforce Management

As James Shores points out in this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, workforce management doesn’t have to be a work chore.

He explains how a cloud-based workforce management solution helps in several areas: Continue reading

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How to Install the Fishbowl Server

This is the first in a series of how-to videos we’re going to be showcasing on the Fishbowl Blog. These videos will help you get started with Fishbowl software and troubleshoot some common issues that may come up as you’re running the software.

Let’s kick things off by learning how to install the Fishbowl server. Continue reading

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Inventory Management Advice from a Puppet

Professor Hans von Puppet is here to lay down the law about cycle counting. He doesn’t like to see companies waste their time counting their inventory over and over again when a simple cycle count would suffice.

Fishbowl facilitates cycle counting by letting you: Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Warehouse Slots

Do you feel like business success is just one big crapshoot? You can nudge the odds in your favor by filling your warehouse slots not with quarters but with smart inventory choices. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Has a Dedicated In-House Customer Support Team

Fishbowl takes customer service very seriously, Fishbowl BlogSome software companies outsource their software support to call centers as a way to save money, but Fishbowl has always had an in-house support team. In fact, almost half of our entire company’s staff is dedicated to customer support and training. That’s a staggering investment into customer service.

Why do we do this? Because we want to be agile and quick on our feet when responding to our customers’ questions and concerns. When you’re using Fishbowl and you come across something confusing, you can quickly get in touch with someone on our support team to help you figure it out. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Product Life Cycles

It is once again time to explore the exciting world of inventory management! James Shores can make any topic riveting, and in this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday episode, he tackles product life cycles.

Every product has a life cycle, which generally includes: Continue reading

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3 Ways You Can Get the Fishbowl Brochure

Fishbowl has a new corporate brochure that serves as an introduction to our many products and services.

Get the inside scoop on Fishbowl's many software solutions in the Fishbowl brochure, Fishbowl BlogIt has helpful information about:

  • Fishbowl Manufacturing’s new features
  • Fishbowl Warehouse’s new features
  • Canadian versions of Fishbowl software
  • Fishbowl Mobile
  • Fishbowl SalesPoint
  • Fishbowl Hosted Services
  • Fishbowl for Salesforce
  • And much more

Click the link above to obtain a complimentary copy of the Fishbowl brochure. You have three easy ways to get it: Continue reading

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Happy April Fools Day! Enjoy 5 Fishbowl Jokes

I have a fun treat for you this April Fools Day. I have come up with hundreds of jokes over the years, and some of them have been inspired by my awesome coworkers here at Fishbowl.

And today I will share five of these jokes with you. Continue reading

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10 Unique Uses of Inventory Management Software

Check out these unique uses of inventory management software, Fishbowl BlogFor the past three months, I’ve been sharing stories of companies from a variety of backgrounds and industries that are all united in one thing: they use inventory management software.

They put this software to use in different ways, but they also have a lot of commonalities in the features they like the most and the positive results they receive.

Here are 10 of these companies. Click the links to read more about each one: Continue reading

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