Module Hotkeys

Use Boxstorm's Advanced Search feature to filter data in its modules, Fishbowl Blog
Use Boxstorm's Advanced Search feature to filter data in its modules, Fishbowl BlogThis is the final group of hotkeys we’ll be covering in this blog series. It is a long list, but it’s good to go through all of these because they show that you can open any module in Fishbowl with a few keystrokes. You just have to hold the ALT button and then push the right button to open a certain menu item and then you can let go of those two buttons and click another to open the specific module in that menu. If you’d like, you can even just open the menu with a hotkey and then use the arrow to choose a module. Let’s go through all of these hotkeys that allow you to open each module in Fishbowl: (more…)

Payment Viewer Module Hotkey

Filter Filler
Folding cash, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThe Payment Viewer module in Fishbowl shows you various payments you have received from your customers in the past. It is quite a straightforward module. You can use the following hotkey to get rid of certain payments, if you like. There are a number of reasons you may want to make use of this feature. (more…)

Accounting Module Hotkey

Magnifying glass over money, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThe Accounting module is where you go to connect Fishbowl with your QuickBooks desktop solution, QuickBooks Online, or Xero. There is just one hotkey that is exclusively available in this module, but you will find it to be quite helpful for quickly exporting information from Fishbowl to your accounting solution. (more…)

Everything You Want to Know About Using Fishbowl

Use the Fishbowl Wiki, training videos, and more to learn the software, Fishbowl Inventory Blog

We are going to discuss many of Fishbowl’s products, as well as their uses and training options. Fishbowl offers the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks, plus a variety of other solutions to help with additional aspects of business operations. Here’s a sneak peek:


Bill of Materials Module Hotkeys

Improve your manufacturing processes to handle heavier loads, Fishbowl Blog
The Bill of Materials module is the place where manufacturers spend a lot of their time in Fishbowl Manufacturing. And these hotkeys will help manufacturers make even better use of their time in this module. (more…)