Are You Ready for 2021?

Are you prepared for 2021?
Are you prepared?

There has never been a year like 2020. With unprecedented restrictions placed on businesses and individuals, we’ve experienced major declines in production, consumption, and travel. As a result, it’s been hard on just about everyone’s mental health and wallet.

What will 2021 be like? Will we see a dramatic recovery like none we’ve ever experienced, or will we continue to slide down or even see an economic or stock market crash? Hard to say. But you can be prepared for either a positive or negative eventuality by using inventory management software to make your business processes as efficient as possible.

We will discuss how manufacturers, ecommerce businesses, wholesalers, and retailers can get ready for the New Year by implementing inventory management software.


Wholesale Distribution Articles

Wholesale distribution articles, Fishbowl Blog
Wholesale distribution articles, Fishbowl BlogThis is the final article category, and it is the second-shortest of the bunch with just four articles. The page that lists these articles contains quite a long article in itself. Appropriately enough, the Wholesale Distribution category ends with “Tire Inventory Software” because it was through tireless effort that we rewrote and expanded all of the 130+ articles on this website to get them all to at least 500 words. And the results speak for themselves. Let’s get this show on the road: (more…)

What Are the Most Dangerous Risks of the Distribution Process?

Liability insurance protects small businesses from unforeseen risks, Fishbowl Blog
Liability insurance protects small businesses from unforeseen risks, Fishbowl BlogBusinesses all over the world rely on different forms of transportation to channel goods from one place to another. Trucks dot the highways, destined for stores and warehouses spread all over the country. Enormous ships traverse the waters from continent to continent making deliveries of various goods. It could be medicine, plants, food, clothes, furniture, and petroleum; people and businesses everywhere need to be supplied with products. One way or another, whether by land, sea, or air, these products have to get to their desired destinations. Entrepreneurs hope that the process of distribution goes without a hitch, but unforeseen events can happen. All too often, a mishap on the road causes immense damage and loss of property.  What are the typical dangers associated with the distribution of goods? Here are a few pointers to keep your business in the clear and your products en route. (more…)