6 Practical Pallet-Storage Methods to Optimize Warehouse Operations

6 practical pallet-storage methods to optimize warehouse operations, Fishbowl Blog

Warehouse optimization requires assessing numerous interlinked aspects and understanding how they influence each other. Appropriate pallet-storage methods are also vital for ensuring quick access and promoting smooth warehouse movement. Learning about and applying pallet-racking tips can improve worker output and safety.


Do You Need a Big Warehouse to Boost Profit?

Do you need a big warehouse to boost profit? Fishbowl Blog

What size warehouse do I need? We’re going to make a potentially controversial comparison in this blog post between the housing market and other businesses, so proceed with caution. We’ll discuss the size of a company’s warehouse. Of course, we originally wrote this about 11 years ago. So things might have changed. Since then, a little thing called COVID-19 happened. And then people started downsizing in quite a few ways. Thus, this information may be a little out of date. But it’s still worth talking about.


What Are the Best Lift Truck Options for Cold Storage?

What are the best lift truck options for cold storage? Fishbowl Blog

Cold storage is a crucial part of many supply chains for keeping food, medicine, and other perishable goods safe. Cold storage equipment is becoming even more critical amid rising global vaccine production and a broader emphasis on supply chain resiliency.

Lift trucks aren’t exclusive to cold storage, but they do carry unique requirements in colder environments. Warehouse managers who don’t account for these needs may run into operational issues and high repair costs. Here are a few of the best lift truck options for cold storage to enable smoother, more reliable operation.


5 Ways to Streamline the Warehouse Employee Hiring Process

Five ways to streamline the warehouse employee hiring process, Fishbowl Blog

Warehouses in all sectors have a high turnover rate that’s difficult to keep down due to the high skill level required to operate industry-specific machinery. Speeding up the hiring process without a proper pipeline will only worsen this problem, as you may pick unsuitable candidates.

According to Vox, potential employees are very interested in working in warehousing but want to work for employers who offer benefits and a competent onboarding process. Here are a few things you can do to streamline the warehouse hiring process and keep top, skilled talent.


Top 4 Inventory Management Trends to Start Using Now

inventory trends
Big inventory management trends will affect businesses, Fishbowl Blog

If 2020 was the year that exposed businesses’ weaknesses, 2021 is the year when they are fortifying themselves and transforming those weaknesses into strengths. Improved inventory management is at the core of how many are accomplishing this feat. These are the top four inventory management trends that may prove vital to the success of your business in the coming year and beyond.


Guide to Optimizing Your Warehouse Putaway Process

Putaway is an important part of warehouse management, Fishbowl Blog

Most companies don’t focus on the putaway process because it isn’t as obviously tied to revenue or business operations as fulfillment. That means lots of time and money spent on optimizing pick and pack, without thinking about how putaway prepares goods and teams to operate at their peak.

Putaway is an important part of warehouse management.

The initial placement of goods in your warehouse matters. When it’s done right, it makes every other process faster and easier. So, your goal for the second half of 2020 should be to optimize this putaway process to keep things running smoothly and potentially improve your margins. There are a few different options and requirements for it, but they all tend to pay off well.

Here, we’ll break down our optimization thoughts into three phases:


5 Important Tips for Storing High-End Products

Five important tips for storing high-end products, Fishbowl Blog
Five important tips for storing high-end products, Fishbowl Blog

You might have some high-end products that need to be stored. No matter how expensive the items are or how many items you need to be stored, you have several great ideas that you can consider.

Among your options for storage are facilities in your local community and facilities that you can ship your products to for specialized service. And if you have enough space at your home or place of business, you can handle the storage yourself.

For your convenience, here are five important tips for storing high-end products.


In-House vs. Outsourced Fulfillment

Find out the difference between parts and products in inventory management, Fishbowl Blog

This is a guest blog post written by Will Schneider with insightQuote.com

Fulfillment and shipping is a critical aspect of the supply chain function. From one-day deliveries to the increased desire for free shipping, customer expectations are driving companies to not only provide exceptional logistics services but also leverage the fulfillment function as a source of competitive advantage. These increasing demands are causing more and more companies to look outside their own warehouse walls to pursue 3PL outsourcing. In fact, 66 percent of companies use outsourcing, according to the Current State of 3PL Market 2016 Study.

The potential benefits of outsourcing are many – improved flexibility, quality, and responsiveness, access to new markets, increased speed to market, decreased customer response time, and decreased costs, not to mention time savings from not performing the function in-house. But is outsourced fulfillment the right solution for your business? In this article, we’ll walk you through the decision-making process to help you determine if this avenue is the right fit for your company.

Find out the difference between parts and products in inventory management, Fishbowl Blog

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to keep the fulfillment side of your business in-house or whether you should outsource this part to another company. Before jumping into the financial aspects to see if cost savings will be achieved, it’s important to take a look at some key strategic reasons that might deter you from taking this course of action.


Top 10 Warehouse Organization Mistakes (Infographic)

Why warehouse organization is worth your time, Fishbowl Blog

It’s great when someone manages to boil down many complex ideas into an easily understandable format. That’s exactly what this infographic does. It explains the 10 most common warehouse organization mistakes that companies make.

If you’d like to correct all of these errors, start using Fishbowl Warehouse today! It automates many business processes and helps you be proactive rather than reactive in your inventory management.

Top 10 Warehouse Organizational Mistakes created by Chicago Tag & Label.

Answers to 5 Big Inventory Management Questions

Answers to five comprehensive inventory management questions, Fishbowl Blog

Let’s answer five complex questions related to inventory management. Those questions are:

  • How do I manage a warehouse?
  • How do I track inventory in multiple locations?
  • How do I get the best value for my money with inventory control software?
  • What is the best way to manage inventory?
  • What results can I expect from using inventory management software?