Do You Need a Big Warehouse to Boost Profit?

Do you need a big warehouse to boost profit? Fishbowl Blog

What size warehouse do I need? We’re going to make a potentially controversial comparison in this blog post between the housing market and other businesses, so proceed with caution. We’ll discuss the size of a company’s warehouse. Of course, we originally wrote this about 11 years ago. So things might have changed. Since then, a little thing called COVID-19 happened. And then people started downsizing in quite a few ways. Thus, this information may be a little out of date. But it’s still worth talking about.


Fishbowl and QuickBooks

Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Fishbowl Blog

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software for small and midsize businesses in the United States. And Fishbowl is the most popular manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks. Put these two solutions together and you’ve got one powerful combination of accounting and logistics management.

We’re going to talk about many aspects of Fishbowl’s seamless integration with QuickBooks.


Fishbowl Named the #1 Warehouse Management Software of 2019

SoftwareSuggest named Fishbowl the #1 warehouse management software of 2019, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl is #1 in many ways. It was the first inventory management solution to receive Intuit’s Gold Developer status more than a decade ago. It’s been the #1 selling manufacturing and warehouse management software among QuickBooks users ever since then. And now SoftwareSuggest has put another feather in Fishbowl’s cap by naming it the #1 warehouse management software of 2019!

There are 10 solutions that they highlight, and Fishbowl is at the top. Each review on the list describes the software’s features, as well as its pros and cons. Among Fishbowl’s features and pros are:


Warehouse Management Articles

Improve your warehouse organization with these techniques, Fishbowl Blog
Improve your warehouse organization with these techniques, Fishbowl BlogThere are many ways to approach warehouse management, as you can see as you read through the following article headlines. You will find the articles themselves to be just as intriguing as the headlines. There are a solid dozen articles in the Warehouse Management category, and they are packed with valuable insights into sales orders, picking, packing, and shipping, order management, warehouse managers, and more. Click on these links to learn more: (more…)

Looking for Warehouse Management Software? Try Fishbowl

Magnifying glass over money, Fishbowl Inventory BlogSoftware Connect’s Warehouse Management Software Buyer Trends – 2018 Report is out, and it offers revealing insights into what WMS buyers are looking for. This report includes data from 116 WMS buyers recorded over the course of two years. The industries they represent include distributors of durable and nondurable goods, made-for-stock and job shop manufacturers, food and beverage distributors, medical distributors, and transportation. Let’s get into the biggest takeaways from the report. (more…)

Three Helpful Tips for WMS Change Management

Three helpful tips for WMS change management, Fishbowl Blog
Three helpful tips for WMS change management, Fishbowl BlogSometimes it can feel like leadership believes that everyone loves change, and nothing ever goes wrong. No one actually feels like that, but a hands-off approach to adopting a new WMS can sure make your warehouse staff think that way. Being detached from the processes and pains of change is the perfect setup for conflict. Thankfully, many companies large and small are implementing change management to prevent hurt feelings and cost overruns. The process makes it simple to get everyone on the same page and move through new WMS projects swiftly. If you’re considering change management strategies for your WMS project, here are three things you can add to that process to reduce friction and engage your teams a little more. (more…)

Should You Incentivize Your WMS User Training?

Fishbowl Workforce helps small businesses comply with the Affordable Care Act by keeping track of their employees' hours, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl Workforce helps small businesses comply with the Affordable Care Act by keeping track of their employees' hours, Fishbowl BlogA warehouse management system (WMS) can save you significant time and money, improving your margins and growing your bottom line, but only if you have people who are trained to use it effectively and efficiently. Staff members respond well to a variety of incentives, from bonuses and extra vacation time to compliments and pizza. We’re big proponents of applying incentives to business practices that are proven to improve your efficiency and profitability, which is exactly what a WMS can do. Here are four of the biggest reasons why you should consider incentivizing your WMS staff training. (more…)

Fishbowl Named the Best Warehouse Management System for QuickBooks Users

Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Fishbowl BlogExplore WMS recently put together a list of “Five of the best WMS for single warehouse operations,” and Fishbowl was at the top of the list. Each of the warehouse management solutions they included on the list was focused on a different area, and Fishbowl’s main strength is that it is an ideal solution for QuickBooks users. That should come as no surprise to people familiar with the software. We’ve been talking about this for years, but it doesn’t hurt to refresh our memory about why Fishbowl is so popular among small and midsize businesses that use QuickBooks for their accounting. Here are some of the biggest reasons why Fishbowl is the best warehouse management system for QuickBooks users. Fishbowl: (more…)

How to Keep Your Warehouse Organized Like a Pro

Organize your warehouses like a pr, Fishbowl Blog
According to Entrepreneur magazine, inventory management is one of the most important parts of a business, but it is often the least understood. Here are four ways to keep your warehouse continuously organized. (more…)