API vs. Flat-File for Data Transfers – Which Method Is Better?

API vs. flat-file for data transfers - which method is better? Fishbowl Blog

Making the ebb and flow of data as efficient as possible is a priority, especially if you’re dealing with large volumes of information that are crucial to productivity levels in your business. A number of methods are available to achieve this, and it’s common to have to choose between a flat-file architecture and an API integration.

If you’re struggling to decide, or you’re entirely new to this concept, we invite you to join us as we go over the basic principles of each, and the benefits they bring to the table.


6 Big Advantages of Using CNC Machining for Your Business

What are the advantages of using CNC machining for your business? Fishbowl Blog

Embracing the power and potential of CNC equipment is an appealing option for all sorts of small, ambitious businesses. However, the cost of acquiring such machinery can be prohibitive, at least in theory. To help you overcome concerns and see the value that CNC machining represents, here are a few of the fundamental advantages that will justify your decision to invest in this tech.


Choosing the Best Company Intranet Software to Increase Team Productivity

Remote team collaboration: Choosing the best company intranet software to increase team productivity, Fishbowl Blog

Overseeing team collaboration in a world where remote work is increasingly common can feel like fighting an uphill battle. One of the barriers to productivity is not having everyone on the same intranet infrastructure, which can lead to frustration as well as fragmentation.

Thankfully, with the right business-focused intranet software, you can overcome many common obstacles and streamline collaboration, even when remote members of the team you lead are involved. So how can you go about choosing the perfect intranet package? Let’s dive in.


3 Ways AI and IoT Improve Manufacturing

3 ways AI and IoT improve manufacturing, Fishbowl Blog

Industry 4.0 technology is having a major impact on the manufacturing sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) and smart devices have enabled a range of new technologies, maintenance strategies, and management techniques.

A growing number of factories are adopting smart tech and investing heavily in AI solutions. Over the next few years, an increasing number of facilities will likely come to depend on both AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve performance and conduct site maintenance.

These three applications of Industry 4.0 tech show the impact AI and IoT are having on manufacturing — and how the sector is likely to transform in the near future.


How to Turn Shipping from a Cost Center to a Revenue Contributor by Vince DeAngelis

Vince DeAngelis is 34-year veteran of the shipping and mailing industry who joined Shippo in January 2021 as its Vice President of Global Carrier Partnerships.

Before that, he spent 10 years at Quadient where he managed all aspects of their carrier partnerships, as well as shipping product and program management and U.S. based R&D.

DeAngelis spent the first 20 years of his career working for the United States Postal Service. His roles at the USPS included Manager of Ad Mail Sales Development in Windsor, Connecticut, and Regional Director of the New York Sales Center before being named National Director of Sales and Business Development and Director of Brand Management, Value Added and Special Services, in Washington D.C.


The Future of Fishbowl Products by Kendrick Hair

Kendrick Hair is a presenter at the Inventory Management + Growth Summit.

Kendrick Hair is the Chief Technology Officer at Fishbowl. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It’s helped to have quite a few members on the team who’ve been there for many years. Fishbowl’s customers and partners have also contributed a great deal of insights into how to improve the inventory management software.

The feedback Fishbowl’s Development team receives from customers isn’t always positive, but it always yields positive results. That’s because Fishbowl has a customer-centric solution that it’s constantly refining based on input from those it’s intended to benefit.

Fishbowl started as an inventory solution. Then it added QuickBooks integration, which has been hugely significant. It later added even more functionality via plugins and integrations.


Top 4 Trends in Manufacturing That Will Impact Your Business

Manufacturing Trends
Major trends are changing the manufacturing industry, Fishbowl Blog

Winter storms raging across the country, disrupted supply chains, and COVID-19 have been serious obstacles to the success of the manufacturing industry over the past year. A perfect storm of economic destruction has wiped out some manufacturers that either weren’t able to adjust or witnessed a dearth of demand for once-popular products that decimated their markets.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Many manufacturers face these unprecedented challenges by flexibly using new strategies and advanced tools. Here are the top four manufacturing trends that you can take advantage of to dramatically turn things around for your business.


Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Fishbowl is an excellent ecommerce inventory management solution, Fishbowl Blog
Inventory management software is essential for ecommerce businesses, Fishbowl Blog

Are you looking for inventory management software that works with your ecommerce platform?

When you’re using state-of-the-art technology to sell products, it’s important to have an equally advanced inventory management system in place that can keep up with your customers’ demands. Otherwise, you could run into serious supply issues.

Here are some of the benefits of using inventory management software in your ecommerce business.


The IoT Is a Game-Changer for Fleet Maintenance

Shipping truck, Fishbowl BlogThe Internet of Things — IoT — makes it possible for today’s tech-driven companies to streamline and enhance their daily operations even further. It has legitimate uses in a variety of industries and professions, but most of these applications share the same results of higher productivity and efficiency. In the sector of fleet maintenance, professionals use the IoT for many reasons. While some of them are focused on long-term benefits and achieving goals that are years down the line, others have a more immediate and noticeable effect. (more…)

The Importance of Data in Your Inventory Management

The importance of data in inventory management, Fishbowl BlogData makes the world go around — it’s as simple as that. The vast majority of businesses are now run primarily by computers and technology. The majority of financial records, for businesses and individuals, are tracked and stored through big data nowadays. Inventory is no different, of course. Understanding how data is shaping inventory management will help you become more efficient and knowledgeable as an inventory manager in 2018 and beyond. Here are some important ways data is being used and progressing in the inventory world, as well as what it should mean to you. (more…)