How Port Congestion Is Causing a Markup in Shipping Container Prices

How port congestion is causing a markup in shipping container prices, Fishbowl Blog

Supply chain complications and the ever-evolving pandemic have meant strange times for the container shipping industry, including port congestion and wild price fluctuations. There’s also a massive shipping container shortage playing out. If anyone was hoping that things would eventually return to normal, that’s not looking to be the case. 

Securing $59 billion in profits for the first quarter of 2022 certainly was a promising achievement, as it set new records and was driven almost entirely by competitive pricing. However, it doesn’t change the arduous state that the logistics and shipping industry is currently facing.

Those shipping and container prices will continue, and all-time highs may also occur, but it’s still important to consider the primary factors for these trends. What else is causing a high markup in shipping container prices? Is it port congestion, demand, and freight increases, or is it something else entirely? When is the shortage going to end?


Choosing the Best Shipping Strategy for Your Online Store

Choosing the best shipping strategy for your online store, Fishbowl Blog

A lot of brands take a simplistic approach to shipping, especially when they start. Adding ecommerce staples like free shipping options, package insurance, and tracking may help your business stay alive. But without prior planning, these inclusions could burn a hole in your pocket.

Putting an effective ecommerce shipping strategy in place is one of the most important steps for growing your business online. Yet it requires coordination between multiple organizations.

In this guide, we’ll help you develop the best shipping strategy for your online business.


How to Turn Shipping from a Cost Center to a Revenue Contributor by Vince DeAngelis

Vince DeAngelis is 34-year veteran of the shipping and mailing industry who joined Shippo in January 2021 as its Vice President of Global Carrier Partnerships.

Before that, he spent 10 years at Quadient where he managed all aspects of their carrier partnerships, as well as shipping product and program management and U.S. based R&D.

DeAngelis spent the first 20 years of his career working for the United States Postal Service. His roles at the USPS included Manager of Ad Mail Sales Development in Windsor, Connecticut, and Regional Director of the New York Sales Center before being named National Director of Sales and Business Development and Director of Brand Management, Value Added and Special Services, in Washington D.C.


Get Shipping Discounts and Savings from Shippo and Fishbowl ShipExpress®

Shippo is offering exclusive discounts to Fishbowl ShipExpress users, Fishbowl Blog

Want to get special discounts on shipping without SaaS fees for each of those labels? Easy. All you have to do is create a Shippo account and download the newly redesigned Fishbowl ShipExpress plugin. Shippo has partnered with Fishbowl to waive its 5-cent software service fee when Fishbowl users generate a shipping label.

What’s the catch, you might ask? None, if you’re a Fishbowl customer! Fishbowl ShipExpress is absolutely free for every Fishbowl customer, and it automatically adds a new module and many features to the Shipping and Sales modules.

Fishbowl ShipExpress used to cost $995, but it’s now available at no cost to help Fishbowl customers when they need it most during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s also the reason why Shippo has stepped up to waive its usual software fees tied to shipping labels. Both companies want their customers to be able to do their jobs without any added expenses associated with their shipping services.

With Fishbowl ShipExpress, you get the following features:


Shipping Module Hotkeys

Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl Blog
The Shipping module allows you to pack products into cartons and ship them to your customers. And Fishbowl hotkeys allow you to do both of those things even faster. You can even add new cartons into the system for later use. You’ll find all of the hotkeys for this module here: (more…)

How to Improve Your Warehouse Shipping Times

Lead time is an important component of order management, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Lead time is an important component of order management, Fishbowl BlogCompetition in the warehouse world is no joke. Customers these days expect shipping times that are faster than ever. If you’re a warehouse owner or manager who is serious about success and customer satisfaction, then you need to prioritize speeding up your shipping times, plain and simple. (more…)

How to Prepare Your Warehouse for Deliveries

How to properly prepare your warehouse for deliveries, Fishbowl Blog
Deliveries are par for the course in warehouses all over the world. Warehouses receive shipments all the time. If you want your warehouse to operate smoothly and efficiently, then you have to prepare carefully for all kinds of deliveries. Lack of preparation can lead to chaos and confusion. It can sometimes even result in parcels getting lost. (more…)

Navigating the Shipping Module

Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl Blog
Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl BlogLast week we covered how to pick items to fulfill orders, and that naturally leads into this week’s topic: the Shipping module. After all, picking, packing, and shipping go together like snap, crackle, and pop. You can use this module to pack and ship items that you’ve previously picked. And there are a few other functions that we’ll get into as we explore the Shipping module. (more…)

Touring the Transfer Order Module

Check out the road map to manufacturing, Fishbowl Blog
In the Transfer Order module, you can ship and otherwise move items between warehouses and other locations. It’s also fairly simple to replenish part quantities by transferring items from one location that has an abundance of them to another location where they are in short supply. We’ll cover this in greater depth below. (more…)