What Is the Right Price to Pay for Inventory Software?

What is the right price to pay for inventory software, Fishbowl Blog

A question every business needs to ask is: how much does inventory management software cost.1 You can’t expect to get something for nothing. But you should be able to expect high quality for the right price.

For example, you might try something extremely cheap at first. If you use a solution like Excel to manage your inventory level manually, you’re limited by its features. Excel is not designed specifically for inventory management. So it won’t be able to automate your business processes.

On the other hand, there are incredibly expensive solutions, such as ERPs. Those types of solutions are probably overkill in many ways. First, they offer too many features that a small business doesn’t need. Second, they are too expensive. What you need, most likely, is something in between the extremes. An affordable solution that will meet your needs now and grow with you in the future.

Let’s talk more about how to find the best inventory management software for you. At a reasonable price.


Choosing Affordable Inventory Management Software

Affordable inventory management software is out there, Fishbowl Blog

Everyone is looking for a great deal. That is the case in every part of life.1 Especially in business. We want to know we’re getting a lot of value for the money and time we put into something. This is, of course, true of inventory management software.

When comparing inventory management solutions and trying to find the best deal, you should look beyond the price tag. For instance, consider hidden costs, return on investment, ease of use, and other factors that could either sweeten or break the deal for your business. All of this will help you find the most affordable inventory management software. Not only that, but it will help you find an inventory management tool that will do the job well.

With this in mind, let’s go ahead and talk about each of the points we briefly listed above. Then you’ll be able to clearly see whether or not one inventory management solution is better than another. Because you’ll have a good means of comparison.


Growth and Scaling Tips from a Shark by Daymond John

Daymond John is a presenter at the Inventory Management + Growth Summit.

An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Daymond John has come a long way from taking out a $100,000 mortgage on his mother’s house and moving his operation into the basement. John is CEO and Founder of FUBU, a much-celebrated global lifestyle brand, and a pioneer in the fashion industry with over $6 billion in product sales.

He is an award-winning entrepreneur, and he has received more than 35 awards, including Brandweek’s Marketer of the Year, Advertising Age Marketing 1000 Award for Outstanding Ad Campaign, Ernst & Young’s New York Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Plus, he ranked #4 on LinkedIn’s Top 20 Voices, a list of the top influencers in the U.S. worth following to get inspired and stay informed.

His marketing strategies and ability to build successful brands have made him a highly influential consultant and motivational speaker today. His marketing firm The Shark Group offers advice on how to effectively communicate to consumers through innovative means. And it connects brands with the world’s top celebrities for everything from endorsements to product extensions. John is also an author of four bestselling books, including his New York Times bestselling The Power of Broke (2016) and Rise and Grind (2018).

Finally, he’s celebrating his 11th season on ABC’s hit business show Shark Tank by acclaimed producer Mark Burnett. It has now gone on to win four Emmys, and millions of weekly viewers tune into the show as John demonstrates his marketing prowess and entrepreneurial insights.


Go from the Longest Year to Your Strongest Year

Go from the longest year to your strongest year by using Fishbowl, Fishbowl Blog
Go from the longest year to your strongest year by using Fishbowl.

2020 has been a long year. Businesses have struggled to conform to COVID-19 safety guidelines to keep their customers and employees safe while also having to deal with significant supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions, and other problems. If you’ve found yourself asking “Will this year ever end?” you’re not alone. As we finally come to the end of the year, we can reflect on what went wrong and how we can make next year go right.

Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software can help you go from the longest year to your strongest year. While your competitors are shrinking, you can expand. Increase employee productivity, add mobility, cut costs, find new opportunities for growth, and make better use of your resources. How can a software solution help you stage such a dramatic turnaround? Let’s find out.


Did You Know…

Production stages lead to big results for manufacturers, Fishbowl Blog

We are about to embark on a journey of discovery about Fishbowl. We’ll ask a series of 14 questions, each starting with the words “Did You Know,” to inform you about many of the features, integrations, and other resources Fishbowl has to offer.


Did You Know Fishbowl Has an ROI Tool

Maximize your ROI on inventory control software, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Maximize your ROI on inventory control software, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl’s inventory management features are designed to save companies time and money. And today we’re going to talk about the specific ways Fishbowl does this. Fishbowl has an ROI tool that lets you calculate the savings you’ll receive by implementing Fishbowl and how long it will take for those savings to cover the initial cost of the software. You’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised by the results. Check out the Fishbowl ROI Tool and start inputting the following bits of information into the text boxes to see your savings. These things are separated into five categories: (more…)

How to Manage a Warehouse in 4 Easy Videos

Optimize your warehouse with these tips, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl has more than 60 Whiteboard Wednesday videos, discussing a variety of inventory management and other business topics. With that many videos, you can expect some of them to cover similar territory from different angles. With that in mind, here are four Whiteboard Wednesday videos that help businesses with their warehouse management. (more…)

Whiteboard Wednesday: ROI Toolbox

Fishbowl's Whiteboard Wednesday video series explains complex inventory management topics in easy-to-understand terms, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Are you thinking of getting an inventory management solution to improve your supply chains, manufacturing processes, warehouses, and/or other areas of your business? Then it’s important to start with calculating the ROI of whatever decision you plan to make. Use an ROI Toolbox to calculate how much inventory management software will impact your: (more…)

Whiteboard Wednesday: Calculating Your Warehouse ROI

Fishbowl's Whiteboard Wednesday video series explains complex inventory management topics in easy-to-understand terms, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
To calculate the ROI in your warehouse, you first need to add up all the costs of running it (e.g., taxes, utilities, and maintenance). Then, when you want to make a change to how you run your warehouse, such as adding warehouse management software or changing your shelving units, simply add up the costs you estimate you’ll incur by making those changes and weigh them against the benefits you expect to enjoy. (more…)