The Right Safety Stock Leads to Improved Inventory Results

The right safety stock leads to improved inventory results, Fishbowl Blog

Safety stock is the number of products a business keeps on hand as a buffer to prevent stockouts. At least, that is the basic definition. But we can better illustrate what it means by using an analogy.

It’s like how your body keeps a little bit of fat on hand to burn off when food becomes scarce. A business, just like a body, shouldn’t accumulate too much fat because that can lead to all sorts of health problems. You need to find a healthy balance between gorging and starving. That is just common sense.


Top 10 Intuitive Fishbowl Features That Make Your Job Easier

Fishbowl offers many intuitive inventory management features, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl offers many intuitive inventory management features, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl is designed to make work easier for accountants, warehouse workers, and managers. It does this by giving them access to the advanced tools they need to do their jobs better and faster than ever. For example, Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks to keep a company’s accounting and inventory records in sync. It also provides barcode scanning to speed up order fulfillment and increase accuracy.

There are many other intuitive features Fishbowl offers to make your job easier. Let’s go over the top 10.


Manual vs. Automatic Billing and Invoices

Here is a way to fix a frozen QuickBooks export, Fishbowl Blog
Creating invoices and handling other billing issues is an essential part of getting paid. That goes without saying. But what may be less obvious is how you can benefit from introducing automation into the billing process. Let’s give voice to this important issue. (more…)

How to Create Purchase Orders in Fishbowl

Po the panda is a great example to businesses, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Purchase order creation is a rather straightforward process in Fishbowl. Simply open the Purchase Order module in Fishbowl’s interface and click the New button. Then add a vendor and a PO number will automatically be attached to it and the status will be set to Bid Request. You can update the Fulfillment Date and even attach a sales order to a purchase order. (more…)

EDI 101: A Crash Course

EDI 101 - a crash course, Fishbowl Blog
EDI 101 - a crash course, Fishbowl BlogThe big box retailer that you’ve been trying to get into just agreed to your first big purchase order, but now they want you to implement EDI and you’re uncertain of everything that it requires. Sound familiar? Many of your fellow vendors implement EDI because a major retailer or other key customer demands it. Why? EDI streamlines and improves workflow and it enhances supply chain visibility and predictability. Digital transactions processed through EDI are so efficient that companies that use these systems often give preference to trading partners that already have EDI in place. While it’s true that having an EDI solution can give you an edge in negotiations, EDI can also help support your business’s success in the modern digital retail world. (more…)