There’s a Fishbowl Report for That

There's a Fishbowl report for that, Fishbowl Blog

Did you know that there is a Fishbowl Store where you’ll find more than 30 reports?

These reports address a huge spectrum of needs. They let companies print barcodes, conduct cycle counts, keep track of firearm sales, monitor monthly revenue goals, and much more.

Let’s talk about these reports, listed in alphabetical order:


Picking (Line Items) Hotkeys

Get up close and personal to pick the right shippers for your company, Fishbowl Blog
Last week we took a holistic view of hotkeys in the Picking module. Now we will get closer to the actual items that are being picked and show how hotkeys can help you change their status and adjust them in other ways to improve the picking process. (more…)

Sifting Through the Picking Module

Red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means go in order management, Fishbowl Blog
The Picking module is where you go to (what else?) pick orders. It allows you to see which sales orders, work orders, transfer orders, and credit return purchase orders are ready to be picked and which ones have parts that are too low to be properly picked at this time. You can print pick tickets, commit inventory, and finish the picking process from this module. (more…)

There’s a Fishbowl Report for That – Part 2

Fishbowl's reports allow for printing many barcodes, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl's reports allow for printing many barcodes, Fishbowl BlogLast week I talked about 12 of the more than 30 reports available on the Fishbowl Store. Let’s keep going and list off another dozen reports that you can purchase and use in your business. These reports have a lot of unique functions. This week’s ones are mainly focused on barcode generation and printing. (more…)