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Manufacturing articles, Fishbowl Blog
Manufacturing articles, Fishbowl BlogWe’ve got 16 articles in the Manufacturing category covering all sorts of avenues related to this topic. Manufacturing can include many things ranging from chemicals and medicine to electronics and construction. There are some things that are universal to all manufacturers, such as the need for the right tools to aid them in the production process and the systems that can be put in place to facilitate manufacturing. You will find that these articles represent this diverse range of manufacturing topics: (more…)

Is Fishbowl a Good Fit for MRP Buyers?

What is missing from your business management system? Fishbowl Blog
What is missing from your business management system? Fishbowl BlogSoftware Connect recently published its MRP Software Buyer Trends – 2018 Report, and it’s filled with fascinating insights into mindset of MRP buyers. They interviewed a randomly selected group of 183 manufacturers and put together their responses into a number of charts to see what they are looking for in a material requirements planning solution. Here are the top 19 features that these manufacturers said they are looking for in an MRP: (more…)

Using Fishbowl’s Manufacturing Option as an MRP

Fishbowl’s Manufacturing Option is a powerful inventory software solution for manufacturers. In fact, it performs nearly all of the functions of a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system:
  • Monitoring quantities of raw materials and end products in stock
  • Optimizing inventory levels and keeping them balanced
  • Speeding up the processes of producing and delivering products (more…)

New ERP/MRP Costs a Fraction of the Price of Other Systems

Fishbowl is now offering a complete enterprise resource planning/material requirements planning (ERP/MRP) system to midsize businesses. It’s called Fishbowl Enterprise. Often, companies grow to a point where their old accounting and inventory management tools don’t have enough features to meet their needs anymore. So they think the only option is to move to an expensive ERP/MRP system that they can barely afford. Now there’s a better solution. (more…)

10 Generic Foods That Taste Better Than Name Brands

I love generic brands. They usually cost much less than name-brand products because they don’t carry huge advertising costs. The problem is that many generic-brand foods just don’t cut it when compared to the real thing. (more…)