6 Big Advantages of Using CNC Machining for Your Business

What are the advantages of using CNC machining for your business? Fishbowl Blog

Embracing the power and potential of CNC equipment is an appealing option for all sorts of small, ambitious businesses. However, the cost of acquiring such machinery can be prohibitive, at least in theory. To help you overcome concerns and see the value that CNC machining represents, here are a few of the fundamental advantages that will justify your decision to invest in this tech.


5 Ways 3D Metal Printing Is Improved by Servo Motors

5 ways servo motors improve 3D metal printing, Fishbowl Blog

3D printing has come a long way in a relatively short time. While many may still think of the process in terms of hobbyist printing plastic parts, 3D metal printing is an increasingly common manufacturing method. Advanced servo motors take this technology even further.

3D metal printing already brings many benefits to manufacturing processes. It’s fast, precise, affordable, and less wasteful than traditional production methods. As manufacturers add new servo motors to their 3D printers, they can take all of these advantages to new heights. Here are five ways advanced servo motors improve metal additive manufacturing.


3 Ways AI and IoT Improve Manufacturing

3 ways AI and IoT improve manufacturing, Fishbowl Blog

Industry 4.0 technology is having a major impact on the manufacturing sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) and smart devices have enabled a range of new technologies, maintenance strategies, and management techniques.

A growing number of factories are adopting smart tech and investing heavily in AI solutions. Over the next few years, an increasing number of facilities will likely come to depend on both AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve performance and conduct site maintenance.

These three applications of Industry 4.0 tech show the impact AI and IoT are having on manufacturing — and how the sector is likely to transform in the near future.


Top 10 Intuitive Fishbowl Features That Make Your Job Easier

Fishbowl offers many intuitive inventory management features, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl offers many intuitive inventory management features, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl is designed to make work easier for accountants, warehouse workers, and managers. It does this by giving them access to the advanced tools they need to do their jobs better and faster than ever. For example, Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks to keep a company’s accounting and inventory records in sync. It also provides barcode scanning to speed up order fulfillment and increase accuracy.

There are many other intuitive features Fishbowl offers to make your job easier. Let’s go over the top 10.


Get True Inventory Control to Energize Your Business

True inventory control energizes your business, Fishbowl Blog
True inventory control energizes your business, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl is a true inventory control solution, which gives you advanced features to control many aspects1 of your business. Those aspects include your inventory, manufacturing, orders, and costs. Let’s talk about some of the specific inventory control features Fishbowl offers to help you take control of these critical components of your growing company. You might be surprised at the expansive benefits you’ll enjoy by implementing the following functionality.


Top 4 Trends in Manufacturing That Will Impact Your Business

Manufacturing Trends
Major trends are changing the manufacturing industry, Fishbowl Blog

Winter storms raging across the country, disrupted supply chains, and COVID-19 have been serious obstacles to the success of the manufacturing industry over the past year. A perfect storm of economic destruction has wiped out some manufacturers that either weren’t able to adjust or witnessed a dearth of demand for once-popular products that decimated their markets.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Many manufacturers face these unprecedented challenges by flexibly using new strategies and advanced tools. Here are the top four manufacturing trends that you can take advantage of to dramatically turn things around for your business.


Are You Ready for 2021?

Are you prepared for 2021?
Are you prepared?

There has never been a year like 2020. With unprecedented restrictions placed on businesses and individuals, we’ve experienced major declines in production, consumption, and travel. As a result, it’s been hard on just about everyone’s mental health and wallet.

What will 2021 be like? Will we see a dramatic recovery like none we’ve ever experienced, or will we continue to slide down or even see an economic or stock market crash? Hard to say. But you can be prepared for either a positive or negative eventuality by using inventory management software to make your business processes as efficient as possible.

We will discuss how manufacturers, ecommerce businesses, wholesalers, and retailers can get ready for the New Year by implementing inventory management software.


Why Manufacturing Businesses Need Product Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is one of the protections manufacturers need to have, Fishbowl Blog
Liability insurance is one of the protections manufacturers need to have.

If you’re the owner of a manufacturing company, you are what you produce. What that means is that in every phase of your business’s operation, the quality of your products should be your top priority and main concern. Your products are what define your company, and your company’s reputation depends on the quality of your products. 

But, like any business, there are no guarantees that you are always going to be able to deliver exactly what you’ve promised.

Just as a lawyer can forget to submit an important document and get hit with a legal malpractice claim as a result, your products might not always leave your manufacturing plant in perfect condition or working as they should.

And if a product your company has produced has a defect or malfunctions in a way that leads to third-party bodily injury or property damage, you can expect to be held liable.


Fishbowl Manufacturing Helps with Production Planning

Fishbowl helps with production planning, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl helps with production planning.

The 2020.10 version of Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse was recently released, and it offers several new features that contribute to the software’s already-impressive production-planning capabilities. Let’s go through those features to see how they can benefit your manufacturing business.


How Fishbowl Compares to NetSuite

Fishbowl compares well to an ERP like NetSuite, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl compares well to an ERP like NetSuite, Fishbowl Blog

While NetSuite is a full ERP and Fishbowl is an inventory management solution, Fishbowl nonetheless stacks up surprisingly well compared to NetSuite. You can see that comparison on the Fishbowl vs. NetSuite page. The chart briefly matches up the two solutions based on the following criteria:

  • Order Management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Accounting Integration
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of Use
  • Price

Fishbowl and NetSuite are equally capable of accomplishing the first eight criteria, but Fishbowl outshines NetSuite in the final four. Keep in mind that some things are referred to by different names in each solution. For example, Fishbowl calls the assembly of new products manufacturing and NetSuite calls it production. Let’s go more in depth on each of these bullet points to specifically show their similarities and differences.