How Port Congestion Is Causing a Markup in Shipping Container Prices

How port congestion is causing a markup in shipping container prices, Fishbowl Blog

Supply chain complications and the ever-evolving pandemic have meant strange times for the container shipping industry, including port congestion and wild price fluctuations. There’s also a massive shipping container shortage playing out. If anyone was hoping that things would eventually return to normal, that’s not looking to be the case. 

Securing $59 billion in profits for the first quarter of 2022 certainly was a promising achievement, as it set new records and was driven almost entirely by competitive pricing. However, it doesn’t change the arduous state that the logistics and shipping industry is currently facing.

Those shipping and container prices will continue, and all-time highs may also occur, but it’s still important to consider the primary factors for these trends. What else is causing a high markup in shipping container prices? Is it port congestion, demand, and freight increases, or is it something else entirely? When is the shortage going to end?


What Is Last-Mile Delivery and How Can Your Business Get It Right?

What is last-mile delivery, and how can your business get it right? Fishbowl Blog

Every eCommerce fulfillment stage is equally vital and should be treated as such if you want your packages to reach your customers. However, last-mile delivery often receives the most attention due to its importance, complex implementation, and hard-to-solve logistical issues.


40 Industries Fishbowl Is a Perfect Fit for

Fishbowl offers solutions to inventory management problems.
Fishbowl is a perfect fit for dozens of industries, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software is used by hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. Here are 40 of those industries, although there are many others that we could list. We’ll describe some of the features found in Fishbowl that apply to each industry, and we’ll also link to pages with far more information and links.


How to Manage Your Business Processes Effectively

Factory processes need to function like a well-oiled machine, Fishbowl Blog
Factory processes need to function like a well-oiled machine, Fishbowl BlogIn business, you need to manage your processes effectively if you want to compete in the marketplace. Thus, it is essential that you have the right strategy for managing each part of your business logistics. If you don’t, you could end up losing chances for more revenue, marketing, and industry insights. The following methods can help you make sure your processes line up with your major business goals. (more…)

4 Tips For Optimizing Your Logistics And Shipping Processes

Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl Blog
Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl BlogYour shipping processes should not be a bottleneck in business operations. Adding more personnel or reorganizing space is not necessarily the best use of your time and money. What’s required to speed things up is greater efficiency. You can start by assessing your current shipping procedures from start to finish. Identify any real problems that need fixing, tools that need updating, and especially manual operations that can be automated. In many companies there is an unfortunate situation where delays and mistakes get passed along down the chain, and the shipping department is expected to catch errors or work last-minute miracles to get things out the door, after which you have no more control. Other employees and even managers may have no idea of the burden shipping departments face on a regular basis. You can save your shipping department many headaches by providing technology that optimizes their time and effort. Here are four important tips for upgrading your shipping process. (more…)

Reordering, Receiving, and Reconciling, Oh My!

Reordering, receiving, and reconciling are much easier when you have more than a pen and paper, Fishbowl Blog
Want to get a handle on your company’s restocking process? The following four Whiteboard Wednesday videos should help put you on the right path. They deal with managing vendors, streamlining the receiving process, reconciling orders, and handling various logistical issues. (more…)