Time to Face the Music: Lean ERP Is the Greatest

Time to face the music: lean ERP is the greatest, Fishbowl Blog

Remember the good old days when you needed giant speakers attached to a cassette player to create a proportionately huge amount of noise? Now you can do the same thing with a device that’s tinier than a driver license: Apple’s iPod.1 Smaller is clearly better in this case. That also applies to business. Indeed, we’re going to relate this to enterprise resource planning (ERP).

It’s all about volume. When it comes to boomboxes, you could turn up the volume dial to produce more sound. On the other hand, volume can also mean amount or quantity. And that is a very inventory and production planning kind of definition. So it’s not hard at all to relate the two. In this case, it just takes a little creative thinking.


How to Build a Subscription-Based Business

How to build a subscription-based business, Fishbowl Blog
How to build a subscription-based business, Fishbowl BlogBacked-up inventory, debt not paying itself off, head in hands wondering what to do — it’s a common experience among many business owners. At the end of the day, it’s really the most common reason any business ends up failing — because income isn’t thought out or protected, according to The Hartford. However, some business owners are changing their way of doing things. A more reasonable way to start a business may be with a subscription-based model. A subscription-based business model can save you money and eliminate risk. Now, it’s understandable if this sounds odd or deterring. After all, outside of something like Netflix, how many subscription models does the average person buy into or rely upon? Regardless of your lack of participation in such things, it may be a better idea than you think, and this is why. (more…)

How to Get Lean Manufacturing Back on Track

Lean manufacturing, Fishbowl Blog
Lean manufacturing, Fishbowl BlogLean manufacturing is a way of life for many companies. You may never get a strict definition of what lean actually means in the business world — if you ask five different people, you’ll get five different answers. The core is clear, though — lean is all about cutting costs and eliminating waste while increasing manufacturing efficiency. It’s great in theory, but it’s not easy to keep on track. What can you do to keep your lean manufacturing on track, or get it back where it needs to be if it derails? (more…)

A New Breed of Supply Chain Management

I stumbled across an excellent article by Tompkins International, a global supply chain consulting firm – and I just had to share it. Most manufacturers have applied inventory control techniques and lean manufacturing principles, but there’s a paradigm shift that will separate the supply chains that fail from those that will continue to succeed in the future. (more…)

How to Achieve Lean Inventory Management

Lean over and I’ll tell you a little secret about lean inventory management: You don’t need to stack boxes so they look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa to have lean inventory management. Why am I starting this blog post with a silly pun? First, because I always enjoy a good joke; and second, because… ahem, let’s move on. (more…)