How to Manage Inventory

Inventory tracking software helps you know exactly where to find your products, Fishbowl Blog

How do you manage inventory? It seems like such a simple question, but there’s actually a lot of complexity in its answer. We are going to walk through what inventory is and the steps that are necessary to take in order to properly manage it.


Supply Chain Management Articles

Supply chain management articles, Fishbowl Blog
Supply chain management articles, Fishbowl BlogSupply chain management is an important component of tracking inventory, and you will find a lot of valuable information on this topic in these articles. Plus, the Supply Chain Management category is unique among all of the other categories because it contains a number of essays from college students who submitted their work on the topic of U.S. manufacturing and supply chains. They are clearly marked as such below. If you are curious about supply chain management topics, this is the place to be: (more…)

How to Automatically Calculate Landed Costs

Landed costs, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Do you know precisely how much it costs to order new parts, products, and materials? You need to look beyond the initial price tag and dig deeper to discover what is known as the Landed Cost or True Cost of each item. Landed Costs are calculated by adding up all the costs that go into getting products from one location to another. These costs can be separated into four categories. Let’s go through each one: (more…)