Choosing the Best Company Intranet Software to Increase Team Productivity

Remote team collaboration: Choosing the best company intranet software to increase team productivity, Fishbowl Blog

Overseeing team collaboration in a world where remote work is increasingly common can feel like fighting an uphill battle. One of the barriers to productivity is not having everyone on the same intranet infrastructure, which can lead to frustration as well as fragmentation.

Thankfully, with the right business-focused intranet software, you can overcome many common obstacles and streamline collaboration, even when remote members of the team you lead are involved. So how can you go about choosing the perfect intranet package? Let’s dive in.


Inventory Management + Growth Summit Marketing Panel

Fishbowl brought together four brilliant marketing minds to discuss a number of strategies and tactics that can benefit your business. The panelists are:

  • Ben Ard, Senior Director of Demand Gen at Weave
  • Brett Swensen, Vice President of Marketing at Kizik
  • Jasmin Rock, Vice President of Advertising at 97th Floor
  • Adam Smith, Director of Demand Gen at Fishbowl

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Fishbowl is an excellent ecommerce inventory management solution, Fishbowl Blog
Inventory management software is essential for ecommerce businesses, Fishbowl Blog

Are you looking for inventory management software that works with your ecommerce platform?

When you’re using state-of-the-art technology to sell products, it’s important to have an equally advanced inventory management system in place that can keep up with your customers’ demands. Otherwise, you could run into serious supply issues.

Here are some of the benefits of using inventory management software in your ecommerce business.


The IoT Is a Game-Changer for Fleet Maintenance

Shipping truck, Fishbowl BlogThe Internet of Things — IoT — makes it possible for today’s tech-driven companies to streamline and enhance their daily operations even further. It has legitimate uses in a variety of industries and professions, but most of these applications share the same results of higher productivity and efficiency. In the sector of fleet maintenance, professionals use the IoT for many reasons. While some of them are focused on long-term benefits and achieving goals that are years down the line, others have a more immediate and noticeable effect. (more…)

Boxstorm Brings Inventory Management to the Cloud

Boxstorm is a cloud-based inventory management solution, Fishbowl Blog
Boxstorm® is a cloud-based inventory management solution that is produced by Fishbowl, developer of the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks. Boxstorm integrates with QuickBooks Online, so it continues the tradition. This video covers a variety of features found in Boxstorm: (more…)

How Fishbowl Helps Hardware Stores

Work tools, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Work tools, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThe Business Journal recently published an article entitled “Local Hardware Stores Adapting to New Era of Competition.” It offers an intriguing look at the current position of hardware stores as they work to hold onto older customers while also educating and appealing to younger customers who are not as familiar with a DIY mentality. The article mentions Fishbowl CMO Kirk Tanner when it discusses how companies can use inventory management software to plan for fluctuations in demand: (more…)

5 Ways to Use Technology for Customer Retention

Use technology to improve customer retention, Fishbowl Blog
Use technology to improve customer retention, Fishbowl BlogCustomer retention is a vital part of any business’s success. And there are some very good reasons for that. Did you know that increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits 25-95%, according to Bain & Co? And that gaining a new customer is five time as costly as keeping a current one? For businesses that want to improve their retention rates, it’s important to look at customer behaviors and trends. In order to best court their customers, businesses have to meet them where they are. More than ever, customers are shopping, browsing and communicating on their mobile devices. Adopting mobile marketing strategies can enhance customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds. Here are the top 5 ways that today’s technology can help you keep your customers happy: (more…)

Did You Know Fishbowl Is Accessible Online

You can access Fishbowl from anywhere with Fishbowl Anywhere, Fishbowl Blog
You can access Fishbowl from anywhere with Fishbowl Anywhere, Fishbowl BlogWelcome to another edition of the Did You Know series where we explore facts you might not have known about Fishbowl. Let’s get started! Did you know the desktop Fishbowl software is now accessible online? This frees you from the desktop so you can do essential inventory management tasks in more places. And this is made possible by a product aptly named Fishbowl Anywhere. (more…)

How to Set Up Fishbowl’s Magento Cart Plugin

Fishbowl integrates with practically any shopping cart, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl has a Magento Cart plugin that connects companies’ Magento e-commerce stores with Fishbowl. This ensures you always have accurate inventory quantities on the books so you won’t accidentally sell more products than you physically have on hand. (more…)