How Port Congestion Is Causing a Markup in Shipping Container Prices

How port congestion is causing a markup in shipping container prices, Fishbowl Blog

Supply chain complications and the ever-evolving pandemic have meant strange times for the container shipping industry, including port congestion and wild price fluctuations. There’s also a massive shipping container shortage playing out. If anyone was hoping that things would eventually return to normal, that’s not looking to be the case. 

Securing $59 billion in profits for the first quarter of 2022 certainly was a promising achievement, as it set new records and was driven almost entirely by competitive pricing. However, it doesn’t change the arduous state that the logistics and shipping industry is currently facing.

Those shipping and container prices will continue, and all-time highs may also occur, but it’s still important to consider the primary factors for these trends. What else is causing a high markup in shipping container prices? Is it port congestion, demand, and freight increases, or is it something else entirely? When is the shortage going to end?


How to Turn Shipping from a Cost Center to a Revenue Contributor by Vince DeAngelis

Vince DeAngelis is 34-year veteran of the shipping and mailing industry who joined Shippo in January 2021 as its Vice President of Global Carrier Partnerships.

Before that, he spent 10 years at Quadient where he managed all aspects of their carrier partnerships, as well as shipping product and program management and U.S. based R&D.

DeAngelis spent the first 20 years of his career working for the United States Postal Service. His roles at the USPS included Manager of Ad Mail Sales Development in Windsor, Connecticut, and Regional Director of the New York Sales Center before being named National Director of Sales and Business Development and Director of Brand Management, Value Added and Special Services, in Washington D.C.


Success on Amazon – What You Need to Know by Joe Hansen

Joe Hansen is a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive and the CEO & Founder of Buy Box Experts. He cofounded and sold four other companies prior to starting Buy Box Experts in 2013, quickly growing it into one of the most profitable and invaluable digital performance marketing agencies for merchants on Amazon.

In 2015, he also co-founded the PROSPER Show with James Thomson where they were responsible for growing the business from a two-person startup to the largest U.S.-based educational conference for Amazon Sellers. The company was successfully sold to Emerald Expositions (NYSE: EEX) at the end of 2017.

Hansen developed The Marketplace Flywheel®, a proprietary brand and revenue optimization process that the Buy Box Experts team of 200+ employees use to create quick and long-term growth for brands on Amazon.

Want to know how to grow your business and brands on various ecommerce marketplaces, particularly Amazon? Hansen has the answers you’re seeking.


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Did You Know Fishbowl Has an Australian Version

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Fishbowl Australia is available in Australia and New Zealand, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl isn’t just for companies in the United States. It has gone global because every country has inventory and warehouses they need to manage. That is why, since 2011, Fishbowl has been available Down Under in the form of Fishbowl Australia. Fishbowl Australia has pretty much all of the same software features that the U.S. version of Fishbowl has. But Australia and New Zealand have different tax laws, so that’s why Fishbowl needed an Australian version, which differs in three main ways from the U.S. version: (more…)

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