Top 10 Warehouse Organization Mistakes (Infographic)

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It’s great when someone manages to boil down many complex ideas into an easily understandable format. That’s exactly what this infographic does. It explains the 10 most common warehouse organization mistakes that companies make.

If you’d like to correct all of these errors, start using Fishbowl Warehouse today! It automates many business processes and helps you be proactive rather than reactive in your inventory management.

Top 10 Warehouse Organizational Mistakes created by Chicago Tag & Label.

Guide to Understanding QuickBooks Error Codes (Infographic)

You know those crazy error codes that pop up when QuickBooks doesn’t like something you just tried to do? Those mean something – they’re not just a random string of numbers meant to confuse and irritate you. And they’re no longer a secret. Today’s Quick Tip for QuickBooks will help you understand what each error code signifies so you’ll be prepared when something goes wrong. This infographic could even be a good one to print out and keep handy for unexpected occurrences. (more…)

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Pro (Infographic)

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This Quick Tip for QuickBooks is a special treat. In this infographic, you’ll find a line-by-line comparison of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Pro so you can see which one would work best for your company. It covers a variety of features and other points, including accessibility, number of users, prices, support packages, software installation requirements, and more. Click the link below and share this infographic with other QuickBooks users and embed it on your own blog. (more…)

Using QuickBooks’ Built-in Calculator (Infographic)

It’s time for another installment in our Quick Tips for QuickBooks segment. Did you know that QuickBooks has a built-in calculator that helps you quickly add or subtract money from different checks, transactions, and other places? QuickBooks is really adding up! Find the details in the infographic below: (more…)

Your Guide to QuickBooks Shortcuts (Infographic)

This is the third Quick Tips for QuickBooks infographic we’ve shared on the Fishbowl Inventory Blog. These infographics are designed to help you be more proficient at using QuickBooks and avoid potential pitfalls with the accounting software. Below you’ll find a huge list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to be quicker at creating invoices, finding transactions, editing registers, and much more in QuickBooks. Feel free to click it and share with your friends, as well. (more…)

The Bane of QuickBooks Users: The Ampersand (Infographic)

In the first Quick Tips for QuickBooks infographic, we shared some interesting statistics on which software versions and editions are most popular among QuickBooks users. This time we have a helpful tip you can use in QuickBooks to solve a common problem. I’ll bet you didn’t realize that the ampersand is the mortal enemy of QuickBooks login names. Check out the infographic below to see what I mean. You can click on it to share it with other QuickBooks users, as well. They’ll be glad you helped them avoid this potential pitfall. (more…)

Are QuickBooks Users Upgrading? (Infographic)

Welcome to a new section of the Fishbowl Inventory Blog where we’ll be sharing infographics about QuickBooks. This first infographic has some interesting information on which QuickBooks versions and editions users of that popular accounting software are currently using. Feel free to click the image below to share this infographic with other people you know who use QuickBooks. They might be interested to see where they stand in relation to the rest of the QuickBooks market. (more…)