40 Industries Fishbowl Is a Perfect Fit for

Fishbowl offers solutions to inventory management problems.
Fishbowl is a perfect fit for dozens of industries, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software is used by hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. Here are 40 of those industries, although there are many others that we could list. We’ll describe some of the features found in Fishbowl that apply to each industry, and we’ll also link to pages with far more information and links.


Housing Your Factory: 4 Possible Spaces Worth Investigating

Picking the right warehouse location has a huge impact on your business success, Fishbowl Blog
The type of space that you require depends on the needs of your business. Your product line and square footage will dictate the area for your search. Here are some of the spaces that you should investigate as a home for your factory. (more…)

5 Ways Industrial Suppliers are Saving the Environment

Industrial suppliers are saving the environment and building the future, Fishbowl Blog
Industrial suppliers are saving the environment and building the future, Fishbowl Blog

Manufacturing processes are generally not known to be environmentally friendly. The industrial sector is also known to exploit raw materials. If you are an industrial supplier, you might also be wondering how to be more responsive to the environment while still making quality products.  Fortunately, you are not the only supplier in recent years to have this dilemma. Some of them even found solutions and came up with recommendations for others to follow. To understand fully how industrial suppliers are saving the environment, it’s necessary to revisit their history. Industrial suppliers formerly relied on raw materials that were not always environmentally acceptable. Many of these raw materials have been replaced and/or recycled  for their operations.

In industrial supply, customer orders used to be primarily received in hard copy format. The Internet has reduced the use of paper for ordering, shipping, and receiving of industrial supplies. If you want to learn more, here are five ways industrial suppliers are saving the environment.