Homer Simpson’s Top 10 Inventory Management Tips

Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson, Fishbowl Blog

What does Homer Simpson have to do with inventory management? You might be surprised. With Homer, a lot of what you get is reverse psychology. He says one thing, does another and expects something else entirely from everyone around him. Keeping this in mind, let’s have some fun delving into Homer Simpson’s top 10 inventory management tips!


Classifying the Class Module

Fishbowl on-sites are worth it, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl on-sites are worth it, Fishbowl BlogClass is in session. The Class module allows you to categorize sales, purchases, and transfers in both Fishbowl and QuickBooks. Many companies choose to create classes to organize transactions by location, but that’s not the only way to do it. You can also create classes by: (more…)

Don’t Mess with Texas

Don't mess with Texas, Fishbowl Blog
You might remember a little while back when a few Fishbowl employees decided to pull a prank on their CEO John David King. It was all in good fun, but it was surprisingly elaborate at the same time. They had to put some real thought and effort into it to find a Jazzy power chair and attach a carrier for it to the back of his car. They also managed to set up a number of cameras in the parking lot and in King’s office to capture his reaction to their handiwork. Well, King rolled with it and was a good sport about the whole affair. But that was just on the surface. (more…)

What’s in Your Stocking?

What's in your stocking? Fishbowl Blog
IWhat's in your stocking? Fishbowl Blogt’s Christmas Day, and you know what that means? Presents! As kids, we would excitedly run downstairs and wonder what’s in our stocking on Christmas morning. Now that we’re grownups, it’s a good idea to ask it once again. What’s in your stocking? If you have a warehouse it must feel like Christmas every day of the year because that is a question you have to ask yourself so frequently. (more…)

A New Breed of Business Automation

A new breed of business automation, Fishbowl Blog
A new breed of business automation, Fishbowl BlogYou can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can learn a whole new breed of business automation. It may not be the dog days of summer, but we’re about to learn how you can flea from poor inventory management practices by adopting much better ones. This includes switching from manual business processes to automated ones with the help of Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse, the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks. Throw me a bone, and we’ll have a good time as we discuss this in greater detail. (more…)

Fishbowl CEO Just Rolls with It

Fishbowl CEO John David King just rolls with a practical joke attached to the back of his car, Fishbowl Blog
A few weeks ago, Fishbowl CEO John David King loaned his car to a Fishbowl employee’s relative who was visiting from out of town. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, and so when he got the car back it had a carrier attached to the back, holding a Jazzy power chair. Someone in the company thought it would be funny to play an elaborate practical joke on their leader. They set up a whole bunch of cameras to capture his reaction. (more…)

Fishbowl Literally Has IT ALL!

Fishbowl literally has it all, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl literally has it all, Fishbowl BlogI don’t normally use the word “literally” for two reasons: 1. I always strive to mean exactly what I say, so there’s no need to emphasize when I’m being truthful. 2. I hate it when people confuse “literally” with “figuratively.” Your head is not going to literally explode, you’re not literally starving while you’re waiting in line for lunch, and you’re not literally going to kill me for dragging this bit on for way too long. I’m making a big deal about this because I want you to know that I don’t take it lightly when I say that Fishbowl literally has IT ALL! Fishbowl is a manufacturing and warehouse management solution that gives ample software features to SMBs that help them manage their inventory and more. When I say Fishbowl has IT ALL, I mean it has: (more…)

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to Label Inventory Locations

Fishbowl's Whiteboard Wednesday video series explains complex inventory management topics in easy-to-understand terms, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Do you know how to label your inventory locations? You might be thinking it’s as simple as assigning numbers or letters to your warehouses, aisles, shelves, bins, etc. But James Shores is here to totally rip that old idea to shreds. All you need to do to is follow these five steps: (more…)