40 Industries Fishbowl Is a Perfect Fit for

Fishbowl offers solutions to inventory management problems.
Fishbowl is a perfect fit for dozens of industries, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software is used by hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. Here are 40 of those industries, although there are many others that we could list. We’ll describe some of the features found in Fishbowl that apply to each industry, and we’ll also link to pages with far more information and links.


Take Aim at Efficiency with Fishbowl’s Gun Inventory Software

Gun inventory software, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Did you know that Fishbowl Inventory is an ideal inventory management solution for gun manufacturers and retailers? The reason is because Fishbowl Inventory offers all the features you need to track the information required by the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). (more…)