What Is Last-Mile Delivery and How Can Your Business Get It Right?

What is last-mile delivery, and how can your business get it right? Fishbowl Blog

Every eCommerce fulfillment stage is equally vital and should be treated as such if you want your packages to reach your customers. However, last-mile delivery often receives the most attention due to its importance, complex implementation, and hard-to-solve logistical issues.


In-House vs. Outsourced Fulfillment

Find out the difference between parts and products in inventory management, Fishbowl Blog

This is a guest blog post written by Will Schneider with insightQuote.com

Fulfillment and shipping is a critical aspect of the supply chain function. From one-day deliveries to the increased desire for free shipping, customer expectations are driving companies to not only provide exceptional logistics services but also leverage the fulfillment function as a source of competitive advantage. These increasing demands are causing more and more companies to look outside their own warehouse walls to pursue 3PL outsourcing. In fact, 66 percent of companies use outsourcing, according to the Current State of 3PL Market 2016 Study.

The potential benefits of outsourcing are many – improved flexibility, quality, and responsiveness, access to new markets, increased speed to market, decreased customer response time, and decreased costs, not to mention time savings from not performing the function in-house. But is outsourced fulfillment the right solution for your business? In this article, we’ll walk you through the decision-making process to help you determine if this avenue is the right fit for your company.

Find out the difference between parts and products in inventory management, Fishbowl Blog

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to keep the fulfillment side of your business in-house or whether you should outsource this part to another company. Before jumping into the financial aspects to see if cost savings will be achieved, it’s important to take a look at some key strategic reasons that might deter you from taking this course of action.


How to Fulfill a Sales Order in Fishbowl

Advance shipping notice, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
I’m just going to come right out and say it – this video is awesome. It’s got everything you need to know in order to fulfill a sales order in Fishbowl. Creating sales orders and fulfilling them is part and parcel to just about any business. And Fishbowl has a pretty straightforward SO process. This how-to video goes through it step by step, moving from one module to the next to ensure orders get picked, packed, and shipped. When everything is said and done you can check off one more SO as fulfilled. So let’s not waste any time. Watch the video above and immerse yourself in the world of SOs!