What Are the Best Lift Truck Options for Cold Storage?

What are the best lift truck options for cold storage? Fishbowl Blog

Cold storage is a crucial part of many supply chains for keeping food, medicine, and other perishable goods safe. Cold storage equipment is becoming even more critical amid rising global vaccine production and a broader emphasis on supply chain resiliency.

Lift trucks aren’t exclusive to cold storage, but they do carry unique requirements in colder environments. Warehouse managers who don’t account for these needs may run into operational issues and high repair costs. Here are a few of the best lift truck options for cold storage to enable smoother, more reliable operation.


How to Prepare Yourself and Your Team for Growth and Scaling by Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the Cofounder and Managing Director of the Savory Restaurant Fund, a Mercato Partners food-and-beverage-focused practice founded in 2018. Savory closed Fund I at $100M in October 2020 and a subsequent $100M Fund II in May 2021. Currently, Savory owns five beloved brands, including Mo’Bettahs, Swig, R&R BBQ, The Crack Shack, and Via 313. Savory operates 95 restaurants in five states and will add an additional 45 locations over the next 12 months.

Smith spent the last 23 years as an entrepreneur, cofounding three different technology companies from 1998-2008 and entering the restaurant industry in the middle of one of the greatest recessions. Since 2009, he has assisted in developing, acquiring, and operating 200+ restaurants across 11 states, generating more than $1.5 billion in sales.

He received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year® award in 2017. His businesses were also Inc. 500/5000 Honorees for 10 years.


How to Handle and Scale Fast Growth by SalsaQueen

As a single mother with not even a high school degree or work experience, Maharba Zapata (now known as SalsaQueen) started a business called Salsa Queen as a way to provide for her 7 children. In just a few short years, Salsa Queen has become the largest producer of fresh, gourmet salsas in Utah and is now shipping to nearly 1,000 stores across 30 states by focusing on big, bold, authentic salsas and dips that are preservative-free.

Originally from Mexico, SalsaQueen came to America at age 17 with just a suitcase and a head full of dreams. After 33 years of hard work, her dreams have all come true.


40 Industries Fishbowl Is a Perfect Fit for

Fishbowl offers solutions to inventory management problems.
Fishbowl is a perfect fit for dozens of industries, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software is used by hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. Here are 40 of those industries, although there are many others that we could list. We’ll describe some of the features found in Fishbowl that apply to each industry, and we’ll also link to pages with far more information and links.


Get a Taste of Fishbowl

Niche Bakers Corp., Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl has helped thousands of businesses thrive in new and exciting ways with the help of its business automation platform. Businesses are able to cut down on expenses and save time by better utilizing the resources they already have. Fishbowl helps them make the most of their inventory, warehouse space, and other logistical assets. (more…)

Turnkey Inventory Software with All the Trimmings

Get turnkey inventory software with all the trimmings, Fishbowl Blog
Get turnkey inventory software with all the trimmings, Fishbowl BlogHappy Thanksgiving! At this time of year I usually do a post talking about what I’m grateful for, but I’m going to shake things up this time and have some fun. Prepare for a feast of puns! What is more appetizing at Thanksgiving dinner than a turkey with all the trimmings? Nothing, that’s what. And what sounds more appealing to your business than turnkey inventory software with all the cost trimmings? Not much. (more…)

Unique Use of Inventory Management Software: Crop Health Enhancers

INTX Microbials produces inoculants that protect and strengthen legume seeds, Fishbowl Blog
Inventory management software is just a tool. It enables businesses to do things they otherwise couldn’t, such as integrate with their accounting systems and automate numerous processes. But that’s only one side of the story. INTX Microbials produces inoculants that protect and strengthen legume seeds, Fishbowl BlogFor more than four years on the Fishbowl Blog I have talked all about what the software can do, but it’s much more interesting to see it in practice. That’s why I’m starting this series of posts to talk about unique ways that Fishbowl customers are putting our software to use in their fields of expertise. Inventory doesn’t have to be typical products in boxes. It can be anything, from living creatures to microbes in test tubes to totally intangible items. Let’s start this series by talking about INTX Microbials, LLC. (more…)

Where’s Fishbowl: How About a Nice Cup of Tea?

In the food industry it seems like there are almost as many food categories as their are foods. Fresh foods, organic fresh foods, frozen foods, processed foods, energy drinks, sodas, etc. You get the idea. Fishbowl has customers in all these markets, and how they purchase, manufacture, package, and sell their products can vary tremendously across these niches. So how about a specialty organic tea supplier? (more…)

10 Generic Foods That Taste Better Than Name Brands

I love generic brands. They usually cost much less than name-brand products because they don’t carry huge advertising costs. The problem is that many generic-brand foods just don’t cut it when compared to the real thing. (more…)