Inventory Management + Growth Summit QuickBooks Panel

Fishbowl invited several QuickBooks experts to share their thoughts on the accounting software, industry, and more. The participants in this panel are:


How to Handle and Scale Fast Growth by SalsaQueen

As a single mother with not even a high school degree or work experience, Maharba Zapata (now known as SalsaQueen) started a business called Salsa Queen as a way to provide for her 7 children. In just a few short years, Salsa Queen has become the largest producer of fresh, gourmet salsas in Utah and is now shipping to nearly 1,000 stores across 30 states by focusing on big, bold, authentic salsas and dips that are preservative-free.

Originally from Mexico, SalsaQueen came to America at age 17 with just a suitcase and a head full of dreams. After 33 years of hard work, her dreams have all come true.


3 Reasons Why You Need a Financial Advisor

Balanced inventory levels keep more money in your hands, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Balanced inventory levels keep more money in your hands, Fishbowl Inventory BlogIt’s always a little bit of a gamble to know how much of a product you need in stock, as predicting what will sell is risky. If you find yourself wondering how much of a product will sell, how much to manufacture, and what risks regarding product production are manageable, then it may be wise to enlist a financial advisor to work with. There are a lot of reasons a financial advisor may be smart to enlist, especially as someone concerned with inventory. Not only will they help you keep your finances in order, but they’ll help you make smart decisions related to how much you keep in stock and what price you sell your products at. They can help you work out budgets for product manufacturing, ordering, and stocking as well. Here are three reasons it may be good and beneficial for you to enlist a financial manager. (more…)

5 Ways to Lower Costs on Your Warehouse-to-Warehouse Shipping

Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl Blog
Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl BlogReducing your freight on shipping in and out of your warehouse ultimately means you’re increasing your profit on sales. However, what does it take to reduce those costs? After all, given how important and time-critical today’s shipments are, how can a company go about reducing its warehouse-to-warehouse freight costs? Well, the following are examples of some of the strategies you can employ to reduce your shipping expenses. (more…)