Legendary Football Coach LaVell Edwards Comes to Fishbowl

There was all sorts of buzz on the morning of Friday, December 7, 2012 about who the special guest would be at Fishbowl’s annual Christmas party. Some speculated it might be a famous business leader, others thought it would be the head of a university, and others (myself included) simply had no clue what to expect. All of our expectations were blown away, though, when out stepped former Brigham Young University football head coach LaVell Edwards onto the stage. (more…)

3 Business Lessons Learned from BYU’s Record Comeback Against Iona

Brigham Young University’s men’s basketball team came back from a 25-point deficit to win their game against Iona College on March 13, 2012, marking the biggest comeback in NCAA tournament history. Was that luck or skill? (more…)

Orange Trumps Red and Blue in Utah’s 1st Rivalry Relay Race

The biggest college rivalry in the West is arguably Brigham Young University vs. University of Utah. On Saturday, August 27, 2011, fans of the competing colleges set out to show which is better by running in Utah’s first-ever Rivalry Relay race. The race course went all the way from Salt Lake City to Provo, a distance of 64 miles! Which school emerged victorious? (more…)

Is Utah the New California?

Things are looking up for businesses in Utah Valley, according to several entrepreneurs at a recent roundtable meeting sponsored by Utah Business magazine. Leaders of Agel Enterprises, Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC), Economic Development Corporation Utah (EDCU), Fishbowl and IM Flash Technologies came together to discuss the benefits of doing business in Utah. Instead of just being seen as a place to go for skiing and recreation, Utah has become an attractive state for businesses to set up shop. Utah County, in particular, is turning into an economic hotspot for three main reasons: (more…)