Inventory Management + Growth Summit QuickBooks Panel

Fishbowl invited several QuickBooks experts to share their thoughts on the accounting software, industry, and more. The participants in this panel are:


How to Handle and Scale Fast Growth by SalsaQueen

As a single mother with not even a high school degree or work experience, Maharba Zapata (now known as SalsaQueen) started a business called Salsa Queen as a way to provide for her 7 children. In just a few short years, Salsa Queen has become the largest producer of fresh, gourmet salsas in Utah and is now shipping to nearly 1,000 stores across 30 states by focusing on big, bold, authentic salsas and dips that are preservative-free.

Originally from Mexico, SalsaQueen came to America at age 17 with just a suitcase and a head full of dreams. After 33 years of hard work, her dreams have all come true.


Mr. Miyagi’s Top 10 Inventory Management Tips

Mr. Miyagi is more than just a karate instructor – he is an inventory management genius! We’ve compiled 10 of his quotes from the 1984 film The Karate Kid and translated them to show how they relate to your business. Let’s learn the top 10 inventory management tips Mr. Miyagi wants every small and large business to know!


Finding the Best Inventory Management Solution

Buried money, Fishbowl Blog

In the blog post “The Quest for the Perfect Inventory Management Software,” we were hunting for the best solution to our inventory management needs. Now we’ll finish our search and talk about how to find the right solution, not just look for it.

There are two main criteria you should look at to find the best inventory management software: 1. what it does for you, and 2. what features you expect from it.

A great way to tell if inventory management software is right for you is if it produces the results you’re looking for. What are you looking for? Let’s talk about several things that should be high on your list.


Everything You Want to Know About Using Fishbowl

Use the Fishbowl Wiki, training videos, and more to learn the software, Fishbowl Inventory Blog

We are going to discuss many of Fishbowl’s products, as well as their uses and training options. Fishbowl offers the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks, plus a variety of other solutions to help with additional aspects of business operations. Here’s a sneak peek:


How a Storage Unit Can Help Your Business

How a stoarge unit can help your business, Fishbowl Blog
How a stoarge unit can help your business, Fishbowl BlogA storage unit might be one of the best “tools” to help your business grow and help you manage that growth in a sustainable way. You might be wondering, however, “Aren’t storage units just for homeowners with too much clutter?” Well, no, not really. If you’re running a business and don’t want to spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on an office space to fit numerous files and other business material, then a storage unit truly is the holy grail. Take a look below at our list of ways a storage unit can help your business! (more…)

3 Reasons Why You Need a Financial Advisor

Balanced inventory levels keep more money in your hands, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Balanced inventory levels keep more money in your hands, Fishbowl Inventory BlogIt’s always a little bit of a gamble to know how much of a product you need in stock, as predicting what will sell is risky. If you find yourself wondering how much of a product will sell, how much to manufacture, and what risks regarding product production are manageable, then it may be wise to enlist a financial advisor to work with. There are a lot of reasons a financial advisor may be smart to enlist, especially as someone concerned with inventory. Not only will they help you keep your finances in order, but they’ll help you make smart decisions related to how much you keep in stock and what price you sell your products at. They can help you work out budgets for product manufacturing, ordering, and stocking as well. Here are three reasons it may be good and beneficial for you to enlist a financial manager. (more…)

What to Do When Your Industrial Boiler Is on the Fritz

What to do when your industrial boiler is on the fritz, Fishbowl Blog
What to do when your industrial boiler is on the fritz, Fishbowl BlogIt would be nice if equipment lasted forever, but that is simply not the case. No matter how much you care for your pieces of heavy-duty equipment, they will break down at some point. Nobody wants the boiler to break down because it is vital, but you need to prepare for the possibility. The following are a few pointers that will help you figure out what to do when your industrial boiler breaks down. (more…)

Red Tape Barriers All New Businesses Have to Face

Starting a new business involves going through a lot of red tape, Fishbowl Blog
Starting a new business involves going through a lot of red tape, Fishbowl BlogMany of today’s entrepreneurs find themselves in a constant battle against the corrosive realities of bureaucracy and red tape. While they try to focus on their strategic plans, new startup business managers often spend precious time struggling to keep up to date with ever-shifting regulatory requirements. What follows is an examination of some of the many red-tape barriers that new business owners will sooner or later face and how to prepare for them. (more…)