See What’s Taking Online Inventory Management by Storm

Boxstorm is taking online inventory management by storm, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl is taking the online inventory management world by storm with its cloud-based solution called Boxstorm. Boxstorm is not just a repackaged version of Fishbowl. It is a separate solution from the desktop software, and it was built from the ground up with purely online use in mind. Take a look at the Intuitive Accountant article entitled “QBO App First Look: Boxstorm by Fishbowl.” That article highlights many of the features in Boxstorm and how they are available on pretty any device with an Internet connection via Web browser or downloadable app. These features include: (more…)

Boxstorm Brings Inventory Management to the Cloud

Boxstorm is a cloud-based inventory management solution, Fishbowl Blog
Boxstorm® is a cloud-based inventory management solution that is produced by Fishbowl, developer of the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks. Boxstorm integrates with QuickBooks Online, so it continues the tradition. This video covers a variety of features found in Boxstorm: (more…)

Fishbowl’s New Online Products Are a Huge Leap for Inventory Control

Fishbowl is offering new online manufacturing and warehouse management solutions, Fishbowl BlogExciting things are afoot at Fishbowl! The news release “Fishbowl Kicks Off Its Leap Year with New Products, Explosive Growth” outlines the new plugins and online products that are going to have huge ripple effects on the way small and midsize businesses approach inventory management. You should check that out. But I’d also like to go into even more detail on the things that news release briefly touches upon right here on the Fishbowl Blog. (more…)