10 Goals of Good Inventory Management

10 positive results of using better inventory management, Fishbowl Blog

What are the goals of good inventory management? Inventory management helps businesses be successful.1 That is as much of an understatement as saying the sun’s surface is warm. Of course inventory management is a crucial part of any business’ success! There is no denying that fact. After all, it is how you obtain the goods you need to fulfill orders and keep your customers happy.

With smart inventory management, your business will enjoy many benefits. The following are the top 10 positive results of good inventory management:


Barcodes: What Are the Different Types?

Here is how different types of barcodes work, Fishbowl Blog

Barcodes are so mysterious, aren’t they? Just one little scan with a red line of the barcode reader, and suddenly you have a bunch of information on a screen. The information includes that product’s price, description, location, and much more. All of this begs the question: how does such a little barcode store so much information? If you have ever been curious about that question, you are about to learn the answer. So exciting!


There’s a Fishbowl Report for That

There's a Fishbowl report for that, Fishbowl Blog

Did you know that there is a Fishbowl Store where you’ll find more than 30 reports?

These reports address a huge spectrum of needs. They let companies print barcodes, conduct cycle counts, keep track of firearm sales, monitor monthly revenue goals, and much more.

Let’s talk about these reports, listed in alphabetical order:


Finding the Best Inventory Management Solution

Buried money, Fishbowl Blog

In the blog post “The Quest for the Perfect Inventory Management Software,” we were hunting for the best solution to our inventory management needs. Now we’ll finish our search and talk about how to find the right solution, not just look for it.

There are two main criteria you should look at to find the best inventory management software: 1. what it does for you, and 2. what features you expect from it.

A great way to tell if inventory management software is right for you is if it produces the results you’re looking for. What are you looking for? Let’s talk about several things that should be high on your list.


Everything You Want to Know About Using Fishbowl

Use the Fishbowl Wiki, training videos, and more to learn the software, Fishbowl Inventory Blog

We are going to discuss many of Fishbowl’s products, as well as their uses and training options. Fishbowl offers the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks, plus a variety of other solutions to help with additional aspects of business operations. Here’s a sneak peek:


Homer Simpson’s Top 10 Inventory Management Tips

Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson, Fishbowl Blog

What does Homer Simpson have to do with inventory management? You might be surprised. With Homer, a lot of what you get is reverse psychology. He says one thing, does another and expects something else entirely from everyone around him. Keeping this in mind, let’s have some fun delving into Homer Simpson’s top 10 inventory management tips!


Inventory Barcode Software Articles

Barcode shaped like a box, Fishbowl Inventory BlogLike the Asset Tracking articles that we talked about last week, the ones in the Inventory Barcode Software category are also more than 1,000 words in length. There are five of them and they all reveal something interesting about how barcodes and inventory barcode software can help many types of businesses track their inventory. Click the following links to read these articles: (more…)

Fishbowl Hardware: Barcode Printers

Fishbowl Hardware - GX420T Barcode Printer, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl Hardware - GX420T Barcode Printer, Fishbowl BlogIn order to scan barcodes, you must first have the barcodes themselves. That is what barcode printers are for. You can also use them to print price labels and tags. Each one of the devices listed below has a print resolution of 203 dots per inch (or DPI) and a maximum print width of 4.09 inches. In addition to the barcode printers themselves, when you purchase one you will also receive their power supply and USB cable. The main thing that makes these devices distinct from each other is the rate of speed at which they can print. (more…)

Fishbowl Hardware: Barcode Tablets

Fishbowl Hardware - xTablet-T1600 Barcode Tablet, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl Hardware - xTablet-T1600 Barcode Tablet, Fishbowl BlogThere are three barcode tablets that work seamlessly with Fishbowl software. Each one of these barcode tablets includes the Windows 10 Professional operating system, along with a power brick and cord. Check out some of their specifications below, and click the link above to get the full specs and pricing information on all of them. (more…)

Fishbowl Hardware: Pocket Scanners

Fishbowl Hardware - DS2208 Pocket Scanner, Fishbowl Blog
Fishbowl Hardware - DS2208 Pocket Scanner, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl software works well with barcodes, and the logical extension of that is that you also need to have physical barcode scanners in order to scan the actual barcodes. These pocket scanners may be small, but they pack a wallop in what they can do. You can carry them around in your pocket or your hand as you walk through the warehouse, and they can handle plenty of rugged use. (more…)