Manual vs. Automatic Bill of Materials

Improve your manufacturing processes to handle heavier loads, Fishbowl Blog
A bill of materials contains a lot of information that manufacturers need in order to put together a product and ensure standardization across all of the products they produce. And it’s possible to generate bills of materials manually and automatically. Let’s talk about the benefits of automating this process. (more…)

Manual vs. Automatic Customer Emails

How will ending U.S. Postal Service's mail delivery on Saturdays affect businesses? Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Sending emails to customers is a great way to reach out to them when you have something important to tell them, such as when you’ve shipped their order. There’s a manual and an automatic way to make sure these emails get sent, and we’re going to address which one works better. (more…)

Manual vs. Automatic Business Processes

Automate your business with Fishbowl's platform, Fishbowl Blog
Automate your business with Fishbowl's platform, Fishbowl BlogThis blog post marks the beginning of a new series of posts comparing manual and automatic business processes. While manual processes may work for startups and other less tech-savvy companies, there are some major advantages to automating as many tasks as possible. Over the next few months, we’re going to cover the following topics: (more…)

How to Make Your Manufacturing and Shipping More Streamlined

Manufacturer transporting dollar sign, Fishbowl Inventory BlogEvery day, small and medium-sized manufacturers search for ways to streamline their processes. From constant headaches in the shipping department to bottlenecks in the production line, plant managers never seem to find a constant way to trim costs and save time. Here are some tips that will help managers streamline their manufacturing and shipping departments from top to bottom, according to (more…)

How Your Warehouse Can Run More Efficiently with a Few Tweaks

How your warehouse can run more efficiently with a few tweaks, Fishbowl Blog
How your warehouse can run more efficiently with a few tweaks, Fishbowl BlogThe world of business operates on the efficiency of movement. Your clients depend on quick and reliable delivery of the products and supplies that they need on a daily basis, not to mention the goods that consumers want to get into their hands as soon as possible. For this, the most prudent way of storing goods to prepare for delivery is the warehouse. If this is your business, then keep reading to discover five simple tweaks that you can implement to help your warehouse run more efficiently. (more…)

How to Speed Up the Most Inefficient Processes in Your Company

Speed up inefficient processes to put your company back on track, Fishbowl Blog
Speed up inefficient processes to put your company back on track, Fishbowl BlogWorkflow and operational processes are only as efficient as their weakest component. Identifying, targeting, and improving the most inefficient processes within a company can have numerous benefits. Eliminating bottlenecks can help to lower operational costs while ensuring workers and staff face fewer obstacles, which improves both individual and overall efficiency. Assessing the processes involved in day-to-day operations can turn up several components that may be less than efficient or in need of improvement; a few key concepts may be all that is required to improve efficiency across the board. (more…)