6 Practical Pallet-Storage Methods to Optimize Warehouse Operations

6 practical pallet-storage methods to optimize warehouse operations, Fishbowl Blog

Warehouse optimization requires assessing numerous interlinked aspects and understanding how they influence each other. Appropriate pallet-storage methods are also vital for ensuring quick access and promoting smooth warehouse movement. Learning about and applying pallet-racking tips can improve worker output and safety.


How to Know When You Need Inventory Management Software

How to know when you need inventory management software, Fishbowl Blog

How many times have you heard someone say that inventory management software is essential for your business? We might be guilty of being part of that endless chorus here on the Fishbowl Blog. So, why do we need inventory management, exactly?

It is like some of the arguments you may have heard for using social media.1 “Everyone else is doing it.” “You are missing out if you don’t do it.” “There are lots of opportunities out there.” And so on. Now we are not saying there is anything wrong with social media, or inventory management system, for that matter. We are just asking, are they right for you?


What Are the Best Lift Truck Options for Cold Storage?

What are the best lift truck options for cold storage? Fishbowl Blog

Cold storage is a crucial part of many supply chains for keeping food, medicine, and other perishable goods safe. Cold storage equipment is becoming even more critical amid rising global vaccine production and a broader emphasis on supply chain resiliency.

Lift trucks aren’t exclusive to cold storage, but they do carry unique requirements in colder environments. Warehouse managers who don’t account for these needs may run into operational issues and high repair costs. Here are a few of the best lift truck options for cold storage to enable smoother, more reliable operation.


Motivation to Make a Mindshift for Your Business by Dawn Brolin

Dawn Brolin is the President & CEO of Powerful Accounting. The accounting community has been suffering for the past 18 months, and small businesses have been feeling that same pain and relying on them to survive the pandemic. She decided to ensure her Connecticut firm would thrive during COVID-19 by putting the right technology in place.

Her books, The Designated Motivator and The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, are designed to give businesspeople the push they need right now. Although we can’t tell the future, we can help clients glide over speedbumps as they come up by presenting them with the best-of-breed technologies now, not later.


When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use Automation in Inventory Management

Automate your business with Fishbowl's platform, Fishbowl Blog
Automate your business with Fishbowl's platform, Fishbowl BlogTools for automating business processes can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the concept of reducing (or outright removing) human intervention is tantalizing: Doing so can expedite your workflow and reduce the risk of human error. On the other, it can cause you to make bigger, potentially catastrophic mistakes. Smart inventory management requires discretion when it comes to implementing automation tools. Sometimes, the human element is required. Let’s dive into when you should and shouldn’t use these tools. (more…)

5 Inventory Problems You May Encounter and How to Fix Them

Problem and solution Scrabble pieces, Fishbowl Inventory BlogYour relationship with your customers hinges strongly on the efficiency of your inventory system. While a strong customer service experience, good pricing, and a clean shopping interface can help you build trust, your capacity for fulfilling orders is just as critical. Products delivered late or incorrectly can quickly erode your reputation, and a well-oiled inventory system is the quickest way to prevent that. With a little planning and insight, some of the most common problems can be avoided. (more…)

5 Ways You’re Hemorrhaging Money on Product Storage and Transportation

Bucket leaking water, Fishbowl Inventory BlogAn inefficient shipping process or inadequate product storage solution can end up costing much more than many organizations might expect. Businesses seeking ways to curb their spending and keep overhead costs from getting out of hand would do well to reassess their current shipping methods and examine their storage policies. The following list serves to highlight some of the most common situations where waste and inefficiency may end up creating unnecessary financial strain. (more…)

Prepare for the Future of the Shipping Industry

Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl Blog
Lower the costs of your warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, Fishbowl BlogBreaking into any industry can be hard. We are finding more and more competitive job markets in which the supply for a particular position is higher than the demand. As industries get settled, and business operations are set in their ways, the opportunity to start a career becomes virtually impossible, according to World.edu. The shipping industry has been one of these traditional industries. It has been established for so long that its operations and daily processes have become antiquated. However, with technological advancements, the shipping industry is on the cusp of a major overhaul. New ways of just about every sector of shipping processes are going to look considerably different, and with these new changes will come a whole new wave of career options. So, what skills do you need to be armed with to get into this industry that is on the brink of expansive growth? Read below to see how the future of the shipping industry will help students in their career choices. (more…)

3 Reasons to Invest in Material Handling Automation

Material handling automation, Fishbowl Blog
Material handling automation, Fishbowl BlogMaterial handling automation brings facilities into the future, and this future of manufacturing includes quality increases while costs and time usage both decrease. Though automating material handling requires a significant investment of personnel and money, increased profits through better efficiency make the process worthwhile. The means to fully automate material handling lie in the careful integration of technology. Both the Internet of Things (IoT) and automated vehicles can reduce human efforts, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. Facilities that fail to incorporate these could find themselves falling behind soon. For example, Peerless Research Group’s survey found that 42 percent of respondents plan to invest in material handling in 2018 — that money would be well spent on automation. (more…)

Inventory Automation for Operations and Sales Improvements

Automate your business with Fishbowl's platform, Fishbowl Blog
Automate your business with Fishbowl's platform, Fishbowl BlogAs your business grows, whether you’re selling more volume or your business is built on high-volume sales such as B2B or wholesale operations, having accurate data in all the systems you sell becomes increasingly critical to a successful operation. As such, it can be valuable to evaluate tying some of your systems together, such as bridging your warehouse and its inventory information with your eCommerce sales channels. Linking inventory to be updated in real time can have not just operations benefits, but it can allow you to leverage the information for sales and marketing efforts. In this article we’ll explore both of those aspects, and how you as a merchant can best capitalize on connecting warehouses to where you sell. (more…)