Mr. Miyagi’s Top 10 Inventory Management Tips

Mr. Miyagi is more than just a karate instructor – he is an inventory management genius! We’ve compiled 10 of his quotes from the 1984 film The Karate Kid and translated them to show how they relate to your business. Let’s learn the top 10 inventory management tips Mr. Miyagi wants every small and large business to know!


Homer Simpson’s Top 10 Inventory Management Tips

Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson, Fishbowl Blog

What does Homer Simpson have to do with inventory management? You might be surprised. With Homer, a lot of what you get is reverse psychology. He says one thing, does another and expects something else entirely from everyone around him. Keeping this in mind, let’s have some fun delving into Homer Simpson’s top 10 inventory management tips!


Business Is as Easy as Sort, Wash, Repeat

Businessman at a laundromat, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Life is a matter of upkeep. Businessman at a laundromat, Fishbowl Inventory BlogWhat do I mean by that? Well, there is a constant trade-off of between having what you want or need, and the precursory effort leading up to those things. You need to improve your health? Then you need healthy eating and exercise. You need a new windshield? Then you need to pay for it. You need a better relationship with your kids? Then you need to spend more time with them. Yes, I’m being general, but you get the point. Call it the law of the harvest, cause and effect, even Maslow has some things to say about it, but it boils down to: put the energy in to get energy out. Keep in mind, this continues to be applicable in regards to maintaining those “things.” But do you know what upkeep I personally hate those most? Laundry. Doing laundry. The whole process of washing and drying and sorting and hanging. Ugh. If we can put a man on the moon… well, I don’t know how that relates to laundry, but someone figure out a better solution. Like printable pants. So why do I go through this unpleasant process? Because I want to be clean, and not offend the olfactory senses of others, and a fresh warm shirt straight from the dryer is good thing. But apparently I have to keep doing that laundry. Ready for a smooth transition? The exact same processes of necessary repetition exist on every level of our businesses and organizations. We all have those personal favorites to dislike, but how can we make them less so? It’s like doing the laundry; you have to Sort, Wash, Repeat. (more…)

Don’t Let Success Destroy You

Please pardon my excess. I’ve been veering off on tangents in some of my blog posts lately, but I promise I’ll get back on the topic of inventory management soon. Right now, I want to comment on an article I recently read in the Harvard Business Review, entitled “The Catastrophe of Success.” It’s fascinating and ironic that success has the power to destroy people and organizations. It can lead to second-guessing, playing it safe, and other things that are detrimental to innovation. I will now proceed to make my point by discussing one of my favorite film series of all time, Star Trek. (more…)