How to Get People to Listen to You

Chad Hymas is a motivational speaker with an amazing story to share, Fishbowl Inventory Blog
Do you ever struggle to get people to pay attention to something important you’re trying to tell them? The trouble is that some people just aren’t ready to listen – and those people are usually the ones who could benefit the most from listening. How do you get people’s attention in a positive way and help them change their behavior for the better? Chad Hymas, a motivational speaker who has overcome major trials in his life, offers a simple solution to this challenge: Drop to the level of the person you’re trying to reach. He explains what he means by that in this video: (more…)

3 Business Lessons Learned from BYU’s Record Comeback Against Iona

Brigham Young University’s men’s basketball team came back from a 25-point deficit to win their game against Iona College on March 13, 2012, marking the biggest comeback in NCAA tournament history. Was that luck or skill? (more…)

Navigating the Maze of Inventory Management

Tell me if you’ve ever had this feeling: You’ve hit a dead end. You feel like you’re just banging your head against a brick wall. You’re boxed in. However you describe it, this is not a pleasant experience, especially if it happens while you’re trying to run a business. (more…)

Why Should I Trust Your Business Online?

How many times has this happened to you? An ad on Facebook caught my eye a few days ago. It boldly asked, “Which superhero are you?” I love superheroes, which I suppose is what Facebook was going for because they use the information in my profile to advertise to me. So I couldn’t help but click on the ad. (more…)