New Video: Welcome to QuickBooks and More

There’s a new video series from Fishbowl that is geared toward QuickBooks users. It’s called QuickBooks & More, and it is packed with expert answers to all sorts of questions. If you want to know how to use the accounting software, what features it has to offer, and what the difference is between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, then this series is for you!

First 5 Videos in the Series

Let’s talk about the first five videos in the QuickBooks & More series:

First, we’ll go through the No. 1 video on the list. And then we’ll cover what’s in all the others in upcoming blog posts. No worries, though. Because we’ll publish the blog posts in quick order. So you won’t have to wait long. With this in mind, let’s get started!

Welcome to QuickBooks & More!

When introducing yourself, it’s always a good idea to make a good impression. And that is exactly what we do in this introductory video. We answer the who, what, and why. If you stay to the end, you’ll also enjoy a great tip, too.

Who we are: Beverly Lang, the Senior Director of Integrated Services at Fishbowl, hosts this video series. She has plenty of experience with the software, as you might remember from the Inventory Management + Growth Summit.

What we do: Fishbowl is the No. 1 manufacturing and warehouse management software for QuickBooks. In fact, Fishbowl works with both desktop and online versions of QuickBooks.

What we accomplish in this series: Drawing on her knowledge and experience, Beverly explains how to use QuickBooks, including its little-known features. So then you’ll be able to get the most out of QuickBooks. In addition, she plans to talk about third-party solutions that integrate with QuickBooks. Hence the “& More” part of the series title.

Favorite tip in QuickBooks Online: Not only is Beverly here to introduce herself, but she has a useful tip to offer. Indeed, this is her favorite one. When you’re in a field that requires a date, you can use hotkeys to instantly change it:

  • W: First day of the week
  • K: Last day of the week
  • M: First day of the month
  • H: Last day of the month
  • Y: First day of the year
  • R: Last day of the year
  • +: Move forward one day
  • -: Move backward one day

More to Come

Can you believe we’ve already reached the end of the first video in this series? That went fast. However, it’s far from the end. There is a lot more to come. Indeed, we’ll have four additional videos to cover in future blog posts. So come back next time for the answer to the question: What Is QuickBooks?

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