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Read summaries of the Inventory Management + Growth Summit and watch the full presentations for free, Fishbowl Blog

At the end of September 2021, Fishbowl hosted its first-ever Inventory Management + Growth Summit with numerous business experts. These include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Intuit executives
  • Accountants and QuickBooks specialists
  • Fishbowl experts
  • Marketing professionals
  • Former Navy SEAL
  • Former MLB All-Star
  • Published authors

There’s something for everyone in this summit. We’ve put together summaries of their presentations in the following blog posts. Click any and all of them to check them out at your leisure.

Growth and Scaling Tips from a Shark

World-famous entrepreneur and TV star Daymond John shares a number of secrets to his success. He also shares the best business he ever invested in on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Business Strategies for the Mid-Market from Intuit Execs

Bobby Morrison and Gavin Orleow are high-ranking officials at Intuit. They’re here to share notable things like Intuit’s three guiding principles, the difference between business success and failure, and what to expect from the future of cloud computing.

How to Handle and Scale Fast Growth

Have you ever met an entrepreneur so dedicated to her business that she changed her name to reflect it? SalsaQueen did. Her business is built with love. And she and her husband have many valuable lessons to share about how they’ve succeeded.

The Future of Fishbowl Products

Kendrick Hair is Fishbowl’s Chief Technology Officer, and he has a lot of secrets to share about where Fishbowl is headed. Desktop software, online solutions, apps, and plugins will all see significant changes in the future.

Inventory Management + Growth Summit QuickBooks Panel

What do you get when you put five accounting experts in one room? A whole lot of valuable insights! They discuss QuickBooks Desktop vs. Online, little-known QuickBooks features, useful apps, and more.

Increasing Your Website Conversion Rates

Sophie D’Souza is the VP of Optimization at Spiralyze, and she knows a thing or two about website conversions. She’ll help you increase your online traffic and conversion rates to start seeing major revenue growth.

How to Create a Culture of Growth

Blake Modersitzki is a go-giver. He loves investing not only in wildly successful businesses, but also in people. You can grow your business and yourself personally when you give more than you take.

Making Accounting Work for Your Business

What are the four criteria that make accounting data useful? You’ll find out as NOW CFO consultant Brian Hayes shares several accounting best practices for your business.

Success on Amazon – What You Need to Know

Joe Hansen has created a brilliant way to generate perpetual ecommerce sales. He simply follows the same formula as Amazon, and it’s led to astonishing growth for himself and others.

Creating a Persevering Mindset

Dale Murphy had to go through numerous trials on his way to becoming a Major League Baseball legend. Thankfully, you can benefit from his experiences and apply them to your own work.

How to Be Authentic with Your Community

Matt Frisbie may be the Chief Marketing Officer of Little Giant Ladders, but he’s a storyteller first and foremost. And boy does he have an incredible story to tell about being authentic in marketing products.

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Team for Growth and Scaling

Andrew Smith has helped found quite a few beloved restaurants over the last two decades. He implores entrepreneurs not to skip any steps as they work on establishing long-lasting brands.

How to Build and Lead a Strong Team

Building on his years of service as a U.S. Navy SEAL, John Choate has many incisive lessons to share. Teamwork is key, whether you’re taking down dictators or competing with other businesses.

The Customer Journey and How to Retain

Fishbowl’s VP of Training and Support, Austin Anderson, has seen remarkable results by putting customers first. He explains the importance of customer service and how to hire the right people.

Inventory Management + Growth Summit Marketing Panel

Have a question about A/B testing, reaching your audience online, or working with a marketing agency? You’ll find answers to these and many other questions in this panel of four marketing experts.

Motivation to Make a Mindshift for Your Business

A successful author and CEO of an accounting firm, Dawn Brolin is ready to coach your business to big wins. She explains the purpose of accountants and what businesses need to know when working with them.

How to Set Up and See Success with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Felix Baca, Weave’s Director of Demand, has words of wisdom to share about advertising online. He’ll help you get started and find success in surprising ways.

How to Turn Shipping from a Cost Center to a Revenue Contributor

Shipping veteran Vince DeAngelis shares a timely message about handling supply chain issues. He offers hope that you can handle shipping challenges and turn them into strengths.

Watch the Inventory Management + Growth Summit for Free

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