You May Be Better Off Using Cloud-Based Inventory Solutions

You may be better off using cloud-based inventory solutions, Fishbowl Blog

Desktop inventory software has been the standard for many businesses over the past few decades, but things have started to change. Have you noticed since the COVID-19 lockdowns1 that many businesses have been pushing hard to try new cloud-based inventory solutions? That’s part of a larger trend to move online.

It makes perfect sense because employees need to be able to stay connected to each other and their employers. Now that people are coming back to the office or going with a mixed home-office routine, cloud-based software is more important and useful than ever. But just because something is new and shiny doesn’t mean you absolutely have to start using it. It’s a good idea to check if this is a beneficial tool for your company.

Here are three reasons why you may be better off using a cloud-based inventory solution instead of a desktop one.

No Need for Specialized Hardware

A big positive to using cloud-based inventory software is that you can bring your own mobile devices since there’s no specialized hardware required. Sure, you’ll want to make sure your smartphone’s camera is powerful enough to scan barcodes, and you’ll need to check if you have enough storage space to download an app.

But other than those minor factors, you’re free to use the same hardware you’ve grown accustomed to in order to perform complex inventory functions.

Mobility When You Want It

With cloud-based inventory software, you gain the freedom to access your inventory software from any location. Want to bring up detailed information on an item, such as its vendor, location(s), cost, sales history, and quantity in stock? Simply scan its barcode.

You can also add inventory, move items, conduct cycle counts, receive shipments, scrap damaged goods, and pick, pack, and ship products. With this setup, you don’t have to be at a desktop computer to complete these and other tasks. You can be in the warehouse, at home, on vacation, or at the office.

Fewer IT Burdens

You don’t have to worry about server maintenance, security, or other IT logistics. There are no large files to save onto your hard drive. Everything is saved onto a server maintained by a company that prioritizes your security. Depending on the provider you go with, you can even get a dedicated server. This ensures you won’t be compromised by other companies sharing your server or get kicked off because of limited bandwidth.

When the time comes to update your inventory software, that’s handled for you, as well. You are free to focus on your business and let the pros take care of your IT management.

The Right Cloud-Based Inventory Solution for You

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