5 Reasons Why You Should Register for Fishbowl’s Growth Summit

Register for Fishbowl's Inventory Management + Growth Summit.

Fishbowl is about to host the largest gathering of brilliant business minds in its history, and you’re invited! The Inventory Management + Growth Summit will go live on September 28, 2021. And it will feature more than two dozen entrepreneurs, QuickBooks experts, marketing specialists, and even a retired Major League Baseball All-Star!

These individuals are coming together to offer you exclusive insights into how they’ve found success in a variety of markets. If you’d like to learn how to run your company even better and receive advice from some of the biggest names in the business world, register today for this summit!

Want to know more? Here are five reasons why you should definitely sign up for Fishbowl’s Inventory Management + Growth Summit.

1. It’s Free

There’s absolutely no charge to watch every moment of the summit. You don’t even have to be a Fishbowl customer or connected to Fishbowl in any way. All you have to do is fill out a simple form at the link above. We just ask for your name, job title, company name, and contact information. No credit card information or anything else related to payment required. We want you to have access to this valuable content, no strings attached!

2. Dozens of Industry Leaders Will Offer Their Expertise

Here’s a sample of the numerous business leaders and other experts who will present at the Inventory Management + Growth Summit:

  • Andrew Smith, managing partner of Savory Fund and cofounder of R&R BBQ, Mo’ Bettahs, Swig, and more
  • Blake Modersitzki, managing partner of Pelion Venture Partners
  • Bobby Morrison, CRO of Intuit
  • Brian Hayes, CFO of NOW CFO
  • Dale Murphy, former MLB All-Star
  • Daymond John,1 investor on ABC’s Shark Tank and founder/CEO of FUBU
  • Joe Hansen, CEO of Buy Box Experts
  • Matt Frisbie, CMO of Little Giant Ladder Systems
  • Vince DeAngelis, VP of carrier partnerships at Shippo
  • SalsaQueen, owner of Salsa Queen
  • Sophie D’Souza, VP of optimization at Spiralyze

3. Get More Than 10 Hours of Content

The Inventory Management + Growth Summit offers both quality and quantity. We sure didn’t skimp on the amount of time we spent with each of the speakers at this event. Each one goes in depth on their topic to make sure you get as much information as possible. You don’t have to watch all 10+ hours of the summit in one sitting. But rest assured, you will have plenty of content to enjoy at your own pace.

4. Find Numerous Topics You’re Interested in

There’s a huge variety of topics our speakers will cover, including:

  • Building and Leading a Strong Team
  • Creating a Culture of Growth
  • Creating a Persevering Mindset
  • The Customer’s Journey and How to Retain
  • Growing and Scaling Your Business the Right Way
  • How to Be Authentic with Your Community
  • How to Set Up and See Success with Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Making Accounting Work for Your Business
  • Motivation to Make a Mindshift for Your Business
  • Steps to Increased Conversions on Your Website
  • Success on Amazon – What You Need to Know
  • Turning Shipping from a Cost Center to a Revenue Contributor

If there’s one track that doesn’t necessarily apply to you, no worries. There are plenty of others that are sure to benefit your business. Plus, we’ll offer a Fishbowl-sponsored panel discussion on Top Marketing Tactics for 2021 and Beyond. And QuickBooks has sponsored a panel discussion on Advising Solutions for Growth.

5. Rewatch the Summit at Your Leisure

Once the summit goes live on September 28, you can watch it whenever you like. Return to it as many times as you like, share it with coworkers and associates, and enjoy all the insights it has to offer at your leisure. There’s no time limit to watch it or anything like that. Once you’ve registered and the date arrives, you’ll have access to every video presentation in the summit in perpetuity.

Register for Fishbowl’s Growth Summit Today

Reserve your place on Fishbowl’s Inventory Management + Growth Summit. You’ll be glad you did for all the reasons listed above. It’s totally free, so what do you have to lose?

When September 28 arrives, you’ll be able to get the inside scoop on how other industry leaders have achieved incredible success. Then you can replicate their strategies in your own business. Don’t delay, register today!


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