7 Fantastic Reasons to Renew with Fishbowl

Here is why you should consider renewing with Fishbowl, Fishbowl Blog

Is your Fishbowl license key about to expire, and you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it to renew? You’re not the first one to ask that question, so we’d like to give you pertinent information that will help you make an informed decision.

Here are seven reasons why it’s definitely worth your while to renew with Fishbowl.

Exclusive Fishbowl Savings

Cost is one of the biggest factors to consider when deciding if you want to spend your hard-earned money on a renewal. You get exclusive access to special discounts from your Account Sales Executive. You can work with a smart, experienced ASE to find additional discounts through bundled orders and other seasonal promotions, ensuring big savings during the renewal process.

Software Updates

Nearly every month, Fishbowl comes out with a new software version that includes extra features, integrations, fixes, and other enhancements. If you renew, you will gain access to all of this added functionality as it becomes available. If you don’t renew, you’ll still have access to the features that were available in the most recent version you downloaded, but you won’t be able to use any of the new ones that might just be exactly what your business needs.

Customer Support Phone Calls, Emails, and Live Chat

When you have a problem or question you’re having trouble finding the solution to, Fishbowl’s Support team is available to help you resolve it quickly. While you have an active Maintenance Contract, you can call, email, or live chat with a Fishbowl expert to find the answers and solutions you’re looking for. If that contract expires, it becomes extremely expensive to get that same level of assistance. The hourly rate for expired support is $300/hour.

Custom Reports

Fishbowl’s Custom Reports team enables you to customize existing reports to better meet your needs. They can also build new reports from scratch. This is an invaluable service to allow Fishbowl to work in harmony with your company’s operations. These changes can be as simple as referring to parts, products, customers, and vendors by different names, reformatting the look of a report, and much more. Without a contract, you wouldn’t be able to get new custom reports created by Fishbowl.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations are a similar matter as custom reports. If you want Fishbowl’s Development team to create a specialized integration to a certain business solution, you will need to be a current customer. If something were to break in the integration when the solution provider releases a new update, you would be forced to fix it yourself if you didn’t have access to Fishbowl’s team of software developers. Sometimes a new version of their software won’t work with older Fishbowl versions, so that’s another reason to stay up to date with Fishbowl.

New Modules/Add-ons

Fishbowl’s list of integrated modules and add-on products is expansive. It includes an online time clock, point of sale solution, shipping solutions, mobile app, server hosting, inventory forecasting, and sales data analysis. Much like with new software versions, Fishbowl is constantly working on new apps and software products to help customers in fresh, inventive ways. You don’t want to miss out on these advanced tools that augment the functionality in Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse.

Exclusive QuickBooks Discounts

Did you know that Fishbowl is an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider? That means when you want to renew your QuickBooks license, you can get a big discount (up to 50 percent off) when you do it through Fishbowl. Seriously. QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online are all available at much lower prices than you could normally get. True, you don’t have to be a current Fishbowl customer to get these exclusive QuickBooks discounts. But if you’re already integrating your accounting and inventory management software together, you might as well enjoy huge savings while you’re at it.

Why Not Renew Today?

By staying current with your Fishbowl license key and Maintenance Contract, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, such as exclusive Fishbowl and QuickBooks savings, access to software updates and add-ons, custom reports and integrations, and a variety of support options. Why not renew today to make sure you continue enjoying all of these benefits?

Simply open the My Fishbowl module to see your ASE’s name and contact information. Give them a call/email, or click the Renew Now button. Fishbowl will be pleased to continue serving you.