Fishbowl Manufacturing Helps with Production Planning

Fishbowl helps with production planning.

The 2020.10 version of Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse was recently released, and it offers several new features that contribute to the software’s already-impressive production-planning capabilities. Let’s go through those features to see how they can benefit your manufacturing business.

Accessing the Calendar from the Work Order Wizard

The Calendar tab in the Work Order Configuration Wizard assists in production planning by allowing you to see when other work orders are scheduled before scheduling a new one. This helps you avoid overtaxing your workers, and it also lets you prevent disruptions caused by accidentally double-booking equipment and personnel.

Defining Calendar Categories

When adding a custom work order to a sales order, you are able to define calendar categories. These categories allow you to prioritize manufacturing jobs, color-code different types of orders and tasks in the manufacturing process, utilize checklists to mark when each stage of production is completed, and more.

Matching Manufacture Order Numbers to Sales Order Numbers

Each manufacture order number can be set (via module option) to match the sales order number that created it. That’s assuming, of course, that there is not already a manufacture order with that number. In that case, you can simply give it a different number. But that’s a rare occurrence. This is incredibly helpful because it enables you to keep track of your orders and connect them together more readily.

Getting a Notification After Modifying a Bill of Materials

When changes are made to a bill of materials, users are prompted to update open orders to reflect those changes, if necessary. That way, if you have a work order or sales order that was started before adding a revision to a bill of materials in it, you will know exactly what alterations to make in order to finish or fulfill it.

Production Planning and More

Fishbowl Manufacturing is a great tool for production planning, but that’s not all it can do. You can add labor costs to work orders when you integrate with Fishbowl Time, track inventory by serial and lot numbers in multiple locations, scan product barcodes, seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, and much more. See for yourself everything that Fishbowl Manufacturing software for production can do for you by signing up for an online demo today!