Fishbowl Integrations

UPDATED: July 2022

Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse currently integrate with more than 50 software and hardware solutions:

  • Amazon
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Authorize.Net
  • Avalara
  • BigCommerce
  • Clover Connect
  • DHL
  • Dropbox
  • eBay
  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • Fishbowl Anywhere
  • Fishbowl Checkout
  • Fishbowl Forecast Module
  • Fishbowl Go
  • Fishbowl Hosted Services
  • Fishbowl Sales Data Module
  • Fishbowl ShipExpress
  • Fishbowl Time & Labor
  • LilyPad Vortex
  • Magento
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Motorola
  • OnTrac
  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Canada
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Payments
  • Reckon
  • Salesforce
  • ShipRush
  • ShipStation
  • ShipWorks
  • Shopify
  • SolidWorks
  • SPS Commerce
  • Symbol
  • 3dcart
  • TrueCommerce
  • Unitech
  • United States Postal Service
  • UPS
  • Volusion
  • Wasp Barcode
  • Windows
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart
  • Xero
  • Zebra
  • Zen Cart
  • Zoho CRM

We will go into detail on each of these integrations, how they work, and what benefits they offer Fishbowl users. We’ll begin with Amazon.


Fishbowl integrates with Amazon, Fishbowl Blog

Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. Fishbowl integrates with Amazon, synchronizing product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions) from Fishbowl to the shopping cart. Orders are downloaded from the shopping cart into Fishbowl for fulfillment, and then shipping and tracking information is generated and communicated.

  • A company’s inventory records get updated when it makes sales through Amazon.
  • Fishbowl fulfills orders received through Amazon, guiding businesses through the picking, packing, and shipping process.
  • If you drop ship products through a third party, Fishbowl can help with that, as well.
  • Schedule imports and exports between Fishbowl and Amazon as often as you like.
  • Sync up your product listings in Fishbowl and Amazon so that everything has the same name, description, image and quantity in both solutions.


Fishbowl Integrates with Android, Fishbowl Blog

Let’s talk about an operating system that Fishbowl is compatible with – Android. You see, Fishbowl offers a warehouse management app called Fishbowl Go, which can be installed on any mobile device that runs the Android 4.4 KitKat (or newer) version of its OS.

  • With Fishbowl Go, you can scan items’ barcodes to add, move, and transfer them in your inventory. This vastly improves the accuracy of data entry because you don’t have to manually type in numbers.
  • You can pick, pack, and ship orders, receive new orders, and update work orders. Whew! That’s a lot of orders!
  • In addition, Android devices can be used to cycle count inventory from time to time and retrieve detailed part information.
  • A big advantage of using Fishbowl Go is that you can simply use Android devices you already own. Your employees don’t have to buy new equipment; they can just use the smartphones and tablets they’re familiar with.


Fishbowl integrates with Apple, Fishbowl Blog

Apple has gobbled up a huge portion of the mobile market with its sleek, intuitive products. You can access Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management solutions on your Apple iPad or iPhone. You can also install and run the Fishbowl server and client on Mac computers. In addition, the Fishbowl Go app can be installed on Apple mobile devices.

  • It’s relatively easy to install the Fishbowl server and client on a Mac, especially since the Fishbowl Wiki has instructions to guide you through the process.
  • Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse can be used on Macs using the OS X 10.7.3 (and newer) operating system. If you want to access them on Apple smartphones and tablets, you can do so via a Web browser.
  • The versions of QuickBooks for desktop computers only run on the Windows operating system, but Fishbowl for Macs can still integrate seamlessly with it.
  • Fishbowl also integrates with the cloud-based accounting solutions, QuickBooks Online and Xero, and those have no problem working on Mac computers.


Fishbowl integrates with Authorize.Net, Fishbowl Blog

If you sell products online, you’ve probably heard of a merchant service provider called Authorize.Net. Fishbowl has a connection for Authorize.Net’s popular payment gateway via Fishbowl Checkout, so you can be up and running and taking credit card payments in minutes. This is a useful integration that many companies need to seal the deal.

  • Authorize.Net lets you accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Then it sends that information to sales orders in Fishbowl.
  • Authorize.Net is built into Fishbowl’s interface, so you just have to activate it and get it all connected, and then you’re good to go.
  • You can connect Fishbowl and Authorize.Net by inputting specific API and transaction key numbers, which Fishbowl helps you obtain.
  • There is also an Authorize.Net Emulator that gives you access to WorldPay and other payment gateways.


Fishbowl integrates with Avalara, Fishbowl Blog

Avalara is an online tax-compliance solution that helps companies instantly calculate federal, state, and city taxes on their outgoing orders. Fishbowl partners with Avalara to integrate their two solutions together. Avalara adds the most accurate and up-to-date tax rates to Fishbowl’s sales orders.

  • Avalara’s plugin to Fishbowl is fairly simple to install and run.
  • Taxes get automatically filled in whenever a sales order is created in Fishbowl.
  • Avalara ensures your company complies with all tax laws, so you can focus on selling and not worry about all those legal details.
  • The Ship To location on a sales order is what determines the tax rates that apply to the transaction in Avalara.

This is definitely a useful tool for any business, especially ones that sell online to customers in many different parts of the country.


Fishbowl integrates with BigCommerce, Fishbowl Blog

BigCommerce has a large presence in the realm of ecommerce platforms. BigCommerce integrates with Fishbowl to put Fishbowl’s product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions) into its shopping cart. Once an order is exported from BigCommerce cart for fulfillment, Fishbowl generates and sends out shipping and tracking information.

  • Import order information as soon as new orders are transferred from BigCommerce to Fishbowl.
  • Export order information from Fishbowl to BigCommerce on a scheduled basis.
  • Maintain the same product information, SKUs, and units of measure in Fishbowl and BigCommerce through Fishbowl’s Schedule feature.
  • Keep inventory quantities constantly updated in both solutions by scheduling regular data syncs.


CardConnect A First Data Company logo, Fisbhowl Blog

Fishbowl has partnered with Clover Connect to offer you a single source solution to streamline and simplify the way you do business while also reducing processing costs and ensuring next-day funding.

As an official partner, Fishbowl users get access to the Clover payment solution which is simple, secure, and reliable. Clover Connect’s patented security features give you true Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), securing each transaction and virtually eliminating the risk of your customer data ever being hacked. Together, Fishbowl and Clover Connect will offer users access to a full suite of payment technology features.

  • Clover Connect will perform a complimentary savings analysis to find your best rates. Clients typically save an average of 27 percent when transitioning to Clover Connect.
  • CardSecure provides the ultimate protection against fraud with PCI-validated P2PE and patented tokenization.
  • CardPointe is a full reporting and transaction management tool, allowing you to have a single payment source.
  • Maximum PCI Scope Reduction and reduce your SAQ to 26 questions, with the potential to eliminate it completely.

To get started, simply send an email to or fill out an online contact form.


Fishbowl integrates with DHL, Fishbowl Blog

DHL is a popular international shipping company that Fishbowl just so happens to integrate with. You can export your orders from Fishbowl and then ship them via DHL. You can also import confirmation and tracking information back into Fishbowl and pass it along to customers.

  • In Fishbowl, you can notify DHL about orders that are ready to be shipped after you have picked and packed them.
  • It’s easy to print out the appropriate shipping labels and packing lists to go with your orders.
  • Fishbowl lets you monitor the progress of shipments through tracking numbers.
  • You can email packing lists and tracking numbers to customers through Fishbowl so they know when to expect their orders to arrive.


Click the following to link to read more about Fishbowl’s Dropbox integration. You will find a lot of helpful information there.


Fishbowl integrates with eBay, Fishbowl Blog

We all know about eBay. It’s one of the original and biggest names in ecommerce. Synchronize product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions in Fishbowl with eBay’s shopping cart. Download orders from eBay into Fishbowl for fulfillment, and use Fishbowl to create shipping and tracking information for all of them.

  • With Fishbowl’s scheduling feature, you can import orders from eBay to Fishbowl as frequently as you need to.
  • You can also export detailed information on orders from Fishbowl to eBay in order to keep the ecommerce platform updated.
  • Synchronize all of your product information, SKUs, and units of measure in Fishbowl and eBay.
  • Constantly update inventory counts between Fishbowl and eBay with Fishbowl’s scheduling feature, once again.


Fishbowl integrates with Endicia, Fishbowl Blog

If you use Fishbowl and the leading Internet postage service provider Endicia, you can easily export and import your orders in Fishbowl for processing using a simple ODBC connection. Fishbowl and Endicia are ideal solutions for companies with large warehouses and numerous orders coming in and out of them.

  • Fishbowl restricts access to certain users, and those users can only see parts of the software that are essential to performing their job duties.
  • Endicia’s features are accessible from Fishbowl’s interface, so you don’t have to open a new browser.
  • After picking an order in Fishbowl, you can instantly export it to Endicia for processing.
  • Once Endicia finishes processing an order, it automatically sends the appropriate tracking information and shipping costs to Fishbowl.


Fishbowl integrates with FedEx, Fishbowl Blog

FedEx is one of the top shippers in the world. Fishbowl integrates with it to speed up the order fulfillment process and keep your customers happy.Import and export your orders to FedEx Ship Manager for shipping and notification, and receive confirmation and tracking numbers in Fishbowl.

  • An open database connection (ODBC) lets you quickly install and run FedEx Ship Manager in Fishbowl.
  • After you install FedEx Ship Manager, you can access all of its features from within the Fishbowl interface without opening a different window.
  • After you pick an order in Fishbowl, the inventory software automatically sends the order information over to FedEx for processing.
  • FedEx sends the appropriate tracking numbers and shipping costs back to Fishbowl after it’s finished processing orders.

So far, we’ve talked a lot about third-party solutions that Fishbowl integrates with. But did you know that Fishbowl provides a variety of solutions beyond its manufacturing and warehouse management software? It’s true! And we’re going to address them all, starting with Fishbowl Anywhere.


Fishbowl Anywhere is a plugin that makes Fishbowl available on any Internet-connected device, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl Anywhere is a plugin that makes it possible to access the desktop solutions Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse on virtually any device through a Web browser.

  • Fishbowl Anywhere lets you log into the desktop Fishbowl software through a Web browser on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop connected to the Internet.
  • Installing Fishbowl Anywhere and connecting it to the Fishbowl server and client is a fairly simple process, thanks to a helpful walkthrough process.
  • Fishbowl Anywhere lets warehouse workers access the full Fishbowl software from any location. They don’t have to be in the warehouse or at a desktop computer to perform essential tasks.
  • In addition to the main Fishbowl software, you can also remotely access Fishbowl Checkout to accept payments from customers in the form of credit cards.


Fishbowl Checkout logo, Fishbowl Blog

Do you need a retail point of sale system that integrates with Fishbowl? Welcome to Fishbowl Checkout. Choose the hardware that fits your needs, including computers, cash drawers, credit card readers, receipt printers, and rear display, and let Fishbowl Checkout help you manage your store.

  • Fishbowl Checkout is available on rugged touchscreen computers that are designed to handle a lot of use day in and day out.
  • You can connect it with Authorize.Net, CardConnect, or QuickBooks Payments to accept credit card payments from customers.
  • Scan product barcodes or use product SKUs to speed up the checkout process and also ensure the accuracy of your inventory quantities.
  • Fishbowl Checkout, of course, integrates with Fishbowl so that whenever you make a sale your inventory records get automatically updated.


Fishbowl offers a Forecasting module, Fishbowl Blog

The Forecast module is a Fishbowl Plugin that is part of the Fishbowl interface. This is a bit different than separate solutions provided by Fishbowl and other companies. There’s nothing to download or install. You simply have to get the right credentials and then activate the Forecast module through Fishbowl’s Plugin module.

The Forecast module uses sales numbers and other information across a certain time period to predict upcoming sales, quantities, and costs. It then presents all of this data through a number of filters and chart types.

  • As noted above, you don’t have to download anything. You simply have to enter the proper information into the interface to activate the already-installed Forecast module.
  • Numerous filters are available to limit the data to specific sales, quantities, costs, parts, and location groups.
  • In addition, you can select the period of time you want to use as a reference to base the predicted sales information on. You can also select the future period of time you want to extend the forecasting into.
  • Forecasted data can be displayed in three main types of charts: line graph, accumulation, or scatter plot. You can select the one that will show the data in the most intuitive way for your needs.


Fishbowl Go is a mobile app for warehouse management, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl Go is a wireless inventory solution that uses barcode scanning to significantly reduce human error and increase inventory efficiency and accuracy. It’s an app that works on any device that uses the Android operating system, and it integrates with Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse to instantly update them with cycle counts, picked orders, and other fresh data.

  • Cycle count inventory in your warehouse to update product quantities based on a physical inspection.
  • Receive inventory through Fishbowl Go’s Receiving module by scanning barcodes and updating your inventory records.
  • Pick orders by scanning products through the Picking module. This helps you quickly find your way around your warehouse(s) and pick more than one order at a time.
  • Retrieve part information by scanning each product’s barcode or typing in its lot number, serial number, expiration date, or SKU.
  • Move inventory within or between warehouses and record those product movements so everything is accounted for.
  • Update work orders when they are completed, so your manufacturing records are always up to date.


Fishbowl integrates with Fishbowl Hosted Services, Fishbowl Blog

Want to access your Fishbowl data and other software solutions on any Internet-connected device? Fishbowl Hosted Services is for you. Fishbowl Hosted Services is an offsite server hosting solution that gives you instant access to the complete Microsoft Office suite, as well as Fishbowl and all of your files. It offers data backup protection and other security measures to keep your files safe and sound – and available.

  • If you have a current Fishbowl software license, you can access your Fishbowl account on any device with an Internet connection through Fishbowl Hosted Services.
  • Your data is updated on a regular basis by Fishbowl Hosted Services, so if you have any computer problems you can be confident you won’t lose your data.
  • Fishbowl Hosted Services gives you remote access to the Fishbowl client and other software solutions.
  • You get enterprise-level security so that your data remains secure, even as it remains accessible to the right people anytime and anywhere.


Fishbowl offers a Sales Data module, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl offers dozens of plugins with both internal and external solutions that enhance its functionality. The Sales Data module is one of these Fishbowl Plugins that integrates with both Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse. It’s not a separate solution from Fishbowl, but it’s contained within the interface.

Businesses can use this module to view and analyze total sales revenue and other data on an interactive map of the world. You can home in on a specific period of time and also zoom in or out to see where you’re getting the majority of your sales from and when you’ve received them.

  • The Sales Data module is a part of Fishbowl’s interface, and it can be activated at any time without downloading anything.
  • You can use whatever date range you want as a reference point to determine how many sales you made during that time period.
  • The module uses the Ship To location in sales orders to determine where sales were made so it can display them on its world map.
  • You can zoom in and out of the world map in this module to see the number of sales made by country, state, and city.


Fishbowl ShipExpress logo, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl integrates with Shippo, a multi-carrier shipping platform that allows you to connect Fishbowl ShipExpress with a number of carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express.

By using Shippo and Fishbowl ShipExpress together, you’ll also be able to plug into Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse.

It’s easy to activate Shippo on ShipExpress. Just sign up for Shippo to get an API Token and add it to your ShipExpress account. Day to day, you will continue to use ShipExpress for processing orders. Shippo is available for you to manage shipment billing and carrier accounts.

With Shippo and Fishbowl ShipExpress, you will be able to:

  • Integrate Fishbowl with a number of carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express
  • Get discounted postage rates on USPS shipments
  • Access scan-based return labels where you will only pay if customers actually use it
  • Connect Fishbowl ShipExpress with Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse
  • Perform many other shipping-related tasks


Fishbowl Time and Labor is an online time-clock solution, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl Time & Labor is a Web-based time clock solution that can function on just about any Internet-connected device. It lets employees clock in and out of work and schedule paid time off, and it lets employers keep track of project costs, payroll taxes, and much more. You can integrate Fishbowl Time & Labor with Fishbowl Manufacturing to calculate labor costs and add them to work orders.

  • Fishbowl Time & Labor doesn’t have to be used on specialized hardware. It’s available on just about any computer, tablet, or smartphone, so you can use your existing hardware.
  • You control access by assigning employees usernames and passwords or scannable badges that they can use to sign in and out on a daily basis.
  • You can designate certain locations that employees can scan in and out from to make sure they don’t try to do so while traveling to work or while they’re at home.
  • You can send payroll information to QuickBooks, Xero, and Excel for storage and processing.
  • Compare estimated project costs to actual project and then add them to work orders in Fishbowl Manufacturing.


LilyPad for Fishbowl logo, Fishbowl Inventory Blog

LilyPad Vortex is a sales representative/B2B solution that is made by a Fishbowl Premier Partner. With it, sales reps and business customers can log into an integrated portal designed for ordering products to view listings of those products as they are found in Fishbowl.

  • Display product names, pictures, prices, and quantities that are available for purchase.
  • Give sales reps access to real-time product quantities before placing orders from virtually any location.
  • Ensure pricing rules established in Fishbowl apply to specific customers by giving them their own usernames and passwords.
  • After LilyPad Vortex sends a new order to Fishbowl for processing, Fishbowl creates a sales order with the appropriate information automatically added.
  • Products can be featured and discounted in the portal to advertise them to customers.
  • Fishbowl’s Product Tree can be utilized to let customers choose different product categories to shop by.


Fishbowl integrates with Magento, Fishbowl Blog

Magento is one of the biggest names in ecommerce. Magento’s shopping cart uses product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions) found in Fishbowl. After orders are downloaded into Fishbowl for fulfillment, their tracking and shipping information is automatically generated.

  • You can download the Magento plugin through Fishbowl’s Plugin module and add it to the Fishbowl interface.
  • On the Magento side, connecting it to Fishbowl is relatively simple.
  • Magento uses Fishbowl’s inventory records to keep its system constantly updated as sales come through.
  • You can track products by their SKUs, lot numbers, and other criteria across Fishbowl and Magento.
  • Fishbowl’s Schedule module lets you schedule order imports and exports between Fishbowl and Magento as often as you like.
  • You can schedule syncs of inventory quantities in Fishbowl and Magento so their numbers always match up.


Fishbowl integrates with METRC, Fishbowl Blog

METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance. Basically, it keeps cannabis growers and sellers compliant with government regulations in states that have legalized it. It does this by tracking all products from the growing stage to the final product and selling stage. Fishbowl integrates with METRC to provide a number of helpful features to the cannabis industry.

  • Track seeds, plants, and other products in multiple locations.
  • Ensure the manufacturing process is going smoothly by using production stages.
  • Save bills of materials and work orders for easy access on manufacturing jobs.
  • Update METRC in batches sent from Fishbowl.
  • Use Fishbowl Time & Labor to insert labor costs into a bill of materials.
  • Integrate METRC with QuickBooks or Xero via Fishbowl’s seamless integration.


Fishbowl integrates with Microsoft Surface, Fishbowl Blog

Microsoft Surface is a tablet that is often used by workers in warehouses and offices. Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse can be installed and run on a Surface with the help of Fishbowl Anywhere. Wherever you go and whenever you need to access Fishbowl, you can do so on your Internet-connected tablet!

  • You can access Fishbowl’s client on the Surface after you install Fishbowl Anywhere on one.
  • Fishbowl does not require specialized equipment. If you already own a Surface, you can simply use it access Fishbowl without having to buy new hardware.
  • This isn’t a partial inventory solution or some new product. The full Fishbowl software can be accessed on the Surface through a plugin calledFishbowl Anywhere.
  • Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse are accessible on the Surface from any location, as long as you are connected to the Internet.


Fishbowl integrates with Motorola, Fishbowl Blog

Barcode scanning has never been easier than when you use Fishbowl-certified Motorola devices. As long as they have the Android operating system, these handheld barcode scanners make Fishbowl accessible anywhere in your warehouse(s).

  • Fishbowl Go is an app that can be quickly installed and used on Motorola handheld devices.
  • Fishbowl Go lets you can scan barcodes with a Motorola device to reorder products, cycle count, and more. This is much less prone to errors and typos than entering this data manually on a keypad.
  • Motorola devices are great to use for picking, packing, and shipping items, receiving new inventory, updating work orders, and retrieving detailed part information.
  • Any device with the Android OS can run Fishbowl Go. So it is available on everything from simple Motorola smartphones to specially designed Motorola barcode scanners.


Fishbowl integrates with OnTrac, Fishbowl Blog

OnTrac is an online shipping hub that gives businesses the ability to upload, manage, and ship ecommerce orders. Fishbowl integrates with OnTrac, allowing you to export orders to it and import confirmation and tracking information into Fishbowl.

  • After an order is picked with Fishbowl, it is exported to OnTrac to prepare for shipping.
  • When OnTrac is done processing an order, it imports total shipping costs and shipment tracking information to Fishbowl.
  • OnTrac is easy to install, and you can set up user rights so that only authorized personnel have access to it in Fishbowl.
  • You don’t have to open a separate browser to access OnTrac’s interface. Just pull it up within Fishbowl.


Fishbowl integrates with QuickBook, Fishbowl Blog

QuickBooks is the top-selling accounting solution for SMBs in the U.S. Fishbowl was one of the first Intuit Gold Developers to integrate with QuickBooks. It has been the #1 requested inventory solution for QuickBooks for more than a decade, and it allows companies to stay with QuickBooks for much longer than they otherwise could by providing numerous advanced inventory features that QuickBooks lacks.

  • Since 2004 Fishbowl has been a Gold Developer, giving it exclusive insights into changes coming to the accounting software and other key advantages.
  • Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to update the general ledger whenever a change is made to a company’s inventory records.
  • This automatic transfer between Fishbowl and QuickBooks means that you don’t have to engage in double data entry.
  • Fishbowl exports important information about customers, vendors, parts, and inventory quantities to QuickBooks on a scheduled basis.


Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks Canada, Fishbowl Blog

As its name suggests, QuickBooks Canada is an accounting solution that is designed to serve small and midsize businesses in Canada. Fishbowl Canada is the Canadian version of the main Fishbowl inventory software, and it follows Canadian tax laws and integrates with QuickBooks Canada.

  • Fishbowl Canada abides by Canadian tax laws, which are distinct from the United States’ tax laws.
  • The default currency used in Fishbowl Canada is the Canadian dollar. In addition, you can convert any other currency into Canadian dollars in SOs and POs with Fishbowl’s multicurrency feature.
  • Fishbowl Canada’s integration with QuickBooks Canada ensures your financial records are automatically updated when you change something in your inventory system.
  • This integration eliminates double data entry because, again, Fishbowl Canada sends all updates to QuickBooks Canada to create invoices.


Read about Fishbowl’s QuickBooks Online integration here. It has its very own blog post dedicated to it because it is that important.


Fishbowl’s QuickBooks Payments integration is detailed at this link.


Fishbowl integrates with Reckon, Fishbowl Blog

Reckon is essentially Intuit’s Australian version of QuickBooks. So it is an accounting solution mainly for small businesses in Australia. And Fishbowl Australia integrates with Reckon just as well as the U.S. version of Fishbowl does with QuickBooks, ensuring you get all of the accounting and inventory management features your business needs.

  • Fishbowl Australia abides by Australia’s tax laws, just as Reckon does.
  • The default currency in Fishbowl Australia is the Australian dollar. Its multicurrency features let you convert other currencies into Australian dollars to ensure everything is recorded correctly in your inventory and accounting files.
  • Fishbowl Australia keeps your inventory and accounting records synchronized by seamlessly integrating with Reckon.
  • Fishbowl Australia eliminates the need for double data entry by automatically updating Reckon whenever products are bought, sold, or transferred.


Head over to the following link to read about Fishbowl’s Salesforce integration. It is a fascinating subject, and a useful tool to your business.


Fishbowl integrates with ShipStation, Fishbowl Blog

ShipStation is an ecommerce, shipping, and fulfillment solution. You can use it to handle multiple carriers, upload orders, ship packages, get fulfillment confirmation and tracking information back into Fishbowl, and more. You can add ShipStation to Fishbowl’s interface as its very own module.

  • Fishbowl exports orders to ShipStation for shipping after it has finished picking them through its Pick module.
  • ShipStation imports tracking information and shipping costs into Fishbowl after shipping out an order.
  • It’s fairly easy to set up and grant access to the ShipStation module in Fishbowl.
  • You can use ShipStation’s features from within the Fishbowl interface so you don’t have to open it in another window.


Fishbowl integrates with ShipWorks, Fishbowl Blog

ShipWorks is not only a shipping solution, but it also helps with ecommerce and order fulfillment. Once you upload orders from Fishbowl to ShipWorks and then ship them out, you’ll be able to download confirmation and tracking information into Fishbowl.

  • Fishbowl offers an easy step-by-step installation process to get started with ShipWorks.
  • You can access ShipWorks through the Fishbowl interface, so you don’t have to open another window.
  • Fishbowl exports essential information about orders and customers to ShipWorks through this integration. Then ShipWorks generates shipping labels and helps fulfill orders.
  • ShipWorks imports shipping costs and tracking information to Fishbowl to be recorded after an order is shipped out.


Fishbowl integrates with Shopify, Fishbowl Blog

Shopify is a popular shopping cart and ecommerce platform for online sellers. Product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions are synced from Fishbowl to Shopify’s ecommerce solution. After orders are placed, they are sent to Fishbowl for fulfillment, and Fishbowl auto-generates shipping and tracking information for them.

  • Import order information, shipping addresses, item names, and more from Shopify to Fishbowl as often as you like.
  • Transfer information on orders from Fishbowl to Shopify at regular intervals.
  • Synchronize Fishbowl’s and Shopify’s product listings so that their descriptions, images, and other data will match up.
  • Synchronize your inventory quantities between Fishbowl and Shopify so you’ll always know how much you have on hand at any given time.


Fishbowl integrates with SolidWorks, Fishbowl Blog

SolidWorks is a powerful engineering solution that gives manufacturing companies the ability to design new products and tools in a virtual environment. You can create 3D digital models of virtually anything. Fishbowl Manufacturing integrates with SolidWorks to create bills of materials and help companies turn their digital models into physical products.

  • Fishbowl Manufacturing lets you import assembly files from SolidWorks right from Fishbowl’s interface.
  • You can create bills of materials in Fishbowl Manufacturing, based on imported assembly files. These include the parts and materials you need in order to build prototypes and finished products.
  • Fishbowl Manufacturing uses production stages to make sure products are put together in the correct order.
  • Fishbowl Manufacturing’s user rights ensure only authorized personnel in SolidWorks gain access to sensitive areas of the software.


Fishbowl integrates with SPS Commerce, Fishbowl Blog

SPS Commerce is a global provider of EDI services and analytics. This EDI allows you to connect and do business with tens of thousands of retailers that require you to transact using their unique electronic requirements. Fishbowl handles the order fulfillment side and SPS Commerce handles the document and order delivery side.

  • SPS Commerce gives vendors of all sizes the EDI tools they need to work with big-box retailers. So they can convert their SOs and POs into the format that each retailer works with.
  • Fishbowl and SPS Commerce work together to ensure retailers receive the appropriate transactional documents from vendors.
  • SPS Commerce does periodic mapping updates to ensure it obtains the right products from Fishbowl and formats them correctly.
  • Fishbowl lets you set auto reorder points on products to maintain inventory balance.


Fishbowl integrates with ShipRush, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl is a powerful inventory and order management solution. ShipRush is a powerful shipping tool that works with many ecommerce platforms. Add Fishbowl and ShipRush together and you’ll be able to handle numerous carriers, shipments, orders, and more.

  • ShipRush is fairly easy to install in Fishbowl’s interface, and then it’s readily accessible as a module.
  • Your ShipRush account is accessible from within Fishbowl’s interface, so you don’t have to open a separate Web browser.
  • ShipRush receives shipping addresses, product quantities, and other order information from Fishbowl and it then generates shipping labels.
  • Fishbowl imports tracking information and shipping costs from ShipRush when ShipRush is done fulfilling orders.
  • ShipRush works with all the main carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.


Fishbowl integrates with Symbol, Fishbowl Blog

Symbol is a manufacturer and supplier of mobile data and barcode hardware. Symbol barcode scanners are designed to handle a lot of stress while being used in a rugged environment. Fishbowl Go is an app that can be installed on Symbol devices that have the Android 4.4 KitKat or newer operating system.

  • You can download the Fishbowl Go app and use it on Symbol devices that, as mentioned above, run Android 4.4 KitKat or newer.
  • Symbol barcode scanners use Fishbowl Go to let you instantly update inventory records as you go through your warehouse and scan product barcodes.
  • You can pick, pack, and ship orders, receive new orders, revise work orders, perform cycle counts, and check part information with Symbol barcode scanners.
  • Fishbowl Go is compatible with any device using the Android OS, so it’s a perfect fit for Symbol barcode scanners. If you already own these devices, you can just use those instead of buying specialized hardware.


Fishbowl integrates with 3dcart, Fishbowl Blog

3dcart is an ecommerce solution that integrates with Fishbowl to provide product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions in its shopping cart. When Fishbowl receives an order, it automatically creates shipping and tracking information for it to speed up the order fulfillment process.

  • Fishbowl imports all the information it needs about new orders from 3dcart to get the fulfillment ball rolling.
  • You can schedule order data exports from Fishbowl to 3dcart as frequently as you like.
  • Keep product information synchronized in these two solutions by scheduling data transfers between them.
  • Synchronize inventory counts in Fishbowl and 3dcart to ensure they are always on the same page in this important area.


TrueCommerce is a necessary tool when working with big box chains, such as Walmart, Target, Shopko, Cabela’s, and many others. This EDI helps you ensure your order management system complies with all of the requirements of every store you sell to.

  • Fishbowl and TrueCommerce share something in common – they are both Intuit Gold Developers. In fact, TrueCommerce is the most popular EDI for QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Fishbowl’s integration with TrueCommerce allows it to transfer inventory and other essential data to big retailers.
  • EDI users can get mapping updates and support directly from TrueCommerce.
  • Fishbowl uses automatic reorder points on products to help suppliers stay well-stocked at the same time as TrueCommerce offers the right forms for them to communicate with retailers.

Fishbowl and TrueCommerce perfectly complement each other.


Fishbowl integrates with Unitech, Fishbowl Blog

Unitech manufactures high-quality barcode scanners and other equipment to use in warehouses and other parts of a business. Fishbowl offers an app that works well on these devices, allowing your employees to perform complex inventory management tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Fishbowl Go is an app that can be installed and run on Unitech barcode scanners with the Android 4.4 KitKat (or newer) operating system.
  • Because Fishbowl integrates with the Android OS, you can use any Unitech device with that operating system. You don’t have buy expensive, specialized equipment.
  • You can perform a variety of inventory tasks by using Unitech devices to scan product barcodes.
  • Unitech barcode scanners are great for performing cycle counts, accessing detailed part information, revising orders, receiving inventory, and picking, packing, and shipping orders.


Fishbowl integrates with USPS, Fishbowl Blog

The United States Postal Service is, of course, one of the biggest providers of mail delivery for U.S. companies. You can upload and share your orders in Fishbowl with USPS and then print shipping labels and more. You’ll also receive confirmation and tracking data in Fishbowl from USPS.

  • The most obvious thing is that you can ship products through Fishbowl’s integration. Notify USPS when a shipment is ready to go and they’ll know to come get it from you.
  • Fishbowl lets you print out the packing list for an order and USPS lets you print out the shipping labels you’ll need to attach to the box.
  • Track shipments in Fishbowl by receiving the appropriate tracking information and other important data from USPS after an order has been shipped.
  • Fishbowl has a feature that lets you email packing lists and USPS’s tracking information right to your customers so they’ll know when to expect their orders to arrive.


Fishbowl integrates with UPS, Fishbowl Blog

Fishbowl has UPS shipping features built right into its interface. This allows you to instantly send shipment notices to UPS for pickup, compare shipping prices, print labels, and email packing lists to customers without having to leave Fishbowl and open a separate Web browser. This integration saves time and makes the order fulfillment process easier in a number of ways.

  • Fishbowl automatically informs UPS when a shipment is ready for pickup. This speeds up the delivery process and makes it much easier, especially when you handle a high volume of shipments.
  • With UPS features in the Fishbowl interface, you can compare shipping options, prices, and estimated delivery times so you can make an informed decision on whether to choose next day, air, or ground delivery.
  • You can print packing lists and UPS shipping labels for orders without having to leave Fishbowl.
  • It’s easy to automatically email packing lists and tracking information from Fishbowl and UPS to your customers. This keeps them informed and happy because they can see how soon they can expect their shipments.


Fishbowl integrates with Volusion, Fishbowl Blog

Volusion is an excellent ecommerce solution, and it syncs with Fishbowl’s product listings (including pictures, quantities, and descriptions). Once a customer places an order online, Volusion sends it to Fishbowl for fulfillment. Shipping and tracking information is quickly generated and communicated between the two solutions.

  • Import orders into Fishbowl from Volusion as often as you need to get the ball rolling on order fulfillment.
  • Export orders from Fishbowl to Volusion frequently to ensure they are recorded properly in both solutions.
  • Make sure your orders, sales, and transfers refer to the same products in Fishbowl and Volusion by synchronizing them on a regular basis.
  • Schedule syncs of inventory counts in Fishbowl and Volusion so their numbers will match up.


Fishbowl integrates with Wasp Barcode scanners, Fishbowl Blog

Wasp Barcode has been a leader in the barcode scanner market for over 20 years, offering a variety of devices. Fishbowl has an app that is compatible with Wasp Barcode scanners, and it can be used for all sorts of warehouse management tasks, from cycle counting to reordering.

  • Fishbowl Go is an app that can be used on any Wasp Barcode scanner that runs the Android 4.4 KitKat (or newer) operating system.
  • You can scan product barcodes, conduct cycle counts, and obtain detailed part information on Wasp Barcode scanners.
  • You can quickly pick, pack, and ship orders, receive new inventory in your warehouse, revise work orders, and much more with Wasp Barcode scanners and Fishbowl Go.
  • Fishbowl Go is accessible on any device with the latest version of the Android OS, so as long as your Wasp Barcode scanner falls into this category, you can use it without any trouble.


Fishbowl integrates with Windows, Fishbowl Blog

We’ve talked about Android, Apple, and Linux, but there’s one more operating system that we should note Fishbowl integrates with: Windows! You can set up and run the Fishbowl server and client on the most recent versions of the Windows operating system. As a result, Fishbowl works well on PCs, and even laptops, tablets, smartphones via a plugin called Fishbowl Anywhere.

  • Fishbowl customers have been installing the server and client on Windows computers for more than a decade by following simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • You can install and run Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse on the newest Windows version, as well as Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, plus Windows Server 2008, 2011, and 2012.
  • A separate plugin called Fishbowl Anywhere makes it possible to access the Fishbowl client on just about any mobile device through a Web browser.
  • Fishbowl integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks in part because QuickBooks’ desktop versions can only be installed on Windows computers.
  • While Fishbowl is a desktop solution, it can integrate with online accounting solutions, such as QuickBooks Online and Xero, which don’t have to be installed on a computer.


There’s a lot of information about Fishbowl’s WooCommerce integration here. Click the link to learn all about it.


Fishbowl integrates with X-Cart, Fishbowl Blog

X-Cart’s PHP ecommerce solution has an open source code, which makes it possible to integrate it with a variety of merchant services or payment gateways. X-Cart integrates with Fishbowl, allowing companies to synchronize their inventory and ecommerce systems together to speed up the order fulfillment process.

  • It’s simple to schedule imports of order information to Fishbowl from X-Cart in order to start picking, packing, and shipping the orders to customers.
  • You can also schedule exports of order information from Fishbowl to X-Cart so that both contain the same information.
  • Synchronize product names, descriptions, and other information on a regular basis to avoid any confusion about how to identify items in your inventory.
  • Schedule frequent syncs of inventory quantities in these two solutions to ensure you don’t wind up with mismatched counts.


Fishbowl integrates with Xero, Fishbowl Blog

Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution for small and midsize businesses. Fishbowl integrates with Xero, giving you a complete manufacturing and warehouse management system that works in conjunction with your accounting solution to ensure you always have the correct invoices, ledger entries, and other documentation you need.

  • You can configure Fishbowl’s integration to Xero fairly quickly, allowing you to update the general ledger whenever you make changes to your inventory records.
  • You can use Fishbowl to accept sales orders, pick, pack, and ship orders, transfer inventory, and more. Then it automatically exports those changes to Xero to create accounting adjustments in relation to inventory assets, cost of goods sold, and income.
  • Both Fishbowl and Xero can be used to accept payments from customers, and both will reflect those payments without you having to enter them twice.
  • Fishbowl lets you create purchase orders for whatever you need to buy, and then it sends bills to Xero to make the appropriate accounting entries.
  • New customers and suppliers get exported from Fishbowl to Xero so that they will have the same contact information and other details in both solutions.
  • All inventory adjustments (from cycle counts to scrapped inventory) are automatically transferred from Fishbowl to Xero.
  • After completing a work order in Fishbowl Manufacturing, you can schedule it to be exported to Xero in order to make an entry on the general ledger reflecting the change.


Click the following to link to read more about Fishbowl’s Zebra integration. Fishbowl works well with their hardware.


Fishbowl integrates with Zen Cart, Fishbowl Blog

Zen Cart is an ecommerce solution, and it utilizes the product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions from Fishbowl. Orders placed in Zen Cart’s shopping cart are downloaded into Fishbowl, which generates shipping and tracking information and handles the fulfillment process.

  • You can schedule imports of order information to Fishbowl from Zen Cart as often as you need to.
  • You can also schedule exports of order information to Zen Cart from Fishbowl to ensure they remain on the same page.
  • Keep your product names and descriptions all synced up in these two solutions by scheduling frequent product synchronizations.
  • Synchronize the inventory counts in Fishbowl and Zen Cart to ensure any updates made to one get transferred to the other.


Fishbowl integrates with Zoho CRM, Fishbowl Blog

This is rather unique compared to all of the other integrations we’ve discussed. Fishbowl doesn’t integrate with every part of Zoho, just its CRM. But this integration is important because it allows the CRM to export and import a variety of price quotes, sales orders, invoices, and other documents and numbers between itself and Fishbowl. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to fulfilling orders and maintaining accurate inventory records.

  • Use Zoho’s price quotes, invoices, and other documents to generate sales orders in Fishbowl.
  • Export price quotes, invoices, and sales orders to Zoho after mapping the order status and additional fields in Fishbowl.
  • Export the carrier name, tracking information, and additional data to Zoho after fulfilling a sales order in Fishbowl.
  • Link products contained in both Fishbowl and Zoho, and create new ones when they exist in one solution but not the other.
  • Export product details from Fishbowl to Zoho to ensure prices, product numbers, and product names match up in both solutions.
  • Shortly after a change is made to a product quantity in Fishbowl, it will be automatically reflected in Zoho.


This list is not meant to be completely all-encompassing for all time. Fishbowl will surely continue to add new integrations as it grows and expands into other areas of business operations.

The more connected you can make all of your solutions, the better off your business will be. You’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate double data entry by simply entering the data in one solution and having it automatically export it everywhere else it needs to go.
  • Stay with your accounting, ecommerce, or other solutions longer by adding badly needed inventory management features that they lack.
  • Avoid costly software changes that require you to get trained on a whole new system after your old one fails to meet your more complex needs.
  • And much more!

Click any of the links below to read additional materials about Fishbowl’s integrations with the various software and hardware solutions that we’ve briefly discussed.