Sales Order (Line Items) Hotkeys

Credit card on a keyboard, Fishbowl Inventory BlogLast week we talked about hotkeys that can be used generally in the Sales Order module. This time we will drill down deeper into that module and show specific things you can do when you have an open sales order you are working on. There are a number of hotkeys that can help you navigate and manipulate line items as you see fit. And here they are: CTRL + Shift + I = Insert an item CTRL + Shift + A = Add an item CTRL + Shift + E = Edit an item CTRL + Shift + F = Fulfill an item CTRL + Shift + X = Delete an item Delete Key = Delete an item CTRL + Shift + Up Arrow = Move an item up CTRL + Shift + Down Arrow = Move an item down CTRL + Shift + T = Make the selected line item taxable/nontaxable CTRL + Shift + D = Add a discount to the sales order CTRL + Shift + S = Add a subtotal line item CTRL + Shift + S = Add a subtotal line item Want more hotkeys? Visit Fishbowl’s Documentation Wiki!