How Do CNC Machines Utilize Lasers on a Manufacturing Line?

Lasers are becoming popular across multiple industries. This is due to the degree of accuracy that lasers are capable of achieving. Here are some of the ways that lasers are being utilized with CNC machines in the manufacturing industry.

How do CNC machines utilize lasers on a manufacturing line? Fishbowl BlogQuality Control Checkpoints

Many of the quality control checkpoints on a manufacturing line involve the use of measurements of the product as well as a visual inspection. Lasers are capable of achieving better results at a faster rate than the human eye. Many of the lasers will pair up with a camera so that an operator can observe what is being deemed defective and acceptable. Additional testing can be performed so that the process can be further refined.

Accurate Cutting Means

You may have noticed that even a miter saw that you can use at home has a laser on it. This is so that you can make the most accurate cut possible without having to second-guess the placement of the blade. Another means that’s used on the manufacturing line is through the use of a laser performing the cuts itself. This type of Samin laser cutting device has the benefit of being more accurate and the ability to make cleaner cuts. The end product often benefits from this higher degree of accuracy.

Joint Attachment Points

If you’ve ever spent time welding joints together, you know that it can be time-consuming and sloppy if you aren’t highly skilled. Using a laser on a CNC machine makes achieving the perfect weld seem almost effortless. This ensures that the attachment points will have the strength that’s required for the product to be functional. What that translates into is a product that’s less likely to fail due to the joints.

Adding Identification Information

Another common use of lasers is engraving and adding other identifying features, such as a lot number or company logo. You may have seen this type of engraving in action at your local pet store. The tags that you can get for your pets often use a laser to engrave the information that you want on the tag. This is the same type of system that’s used in the manufacturing industry, only on a much smaller scale. It allows the manufacturer to more accurately keep track of the products that are being produced. Lasers are extremely versatile, especially when they can be paired up with the technology of a CNC machine. The quality of the products being made tend to be higher and longer lasting.