A Proper Look at the Property Module

Use your inventory genius to improve your warehouse and inventory management, Fishbowl BlogYou’ll want to tread carefully in the Property module. It’s not property in the sense of parts and other inventory items in Fishbowl. It’s more like properties of the Fishbowl software that allow it to be customized to meet your specific needs. These properties include:
  • EmailFooter
  • EVNT ShortDate
  • ImageModule.Company.height
  • PO Custom1
  • PO Notice
And that’s just a handful of them. This module is packed with dozens of these properties and their values. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you’re probably better off just leaving these properties and values alone and using them in the appropriate modules where they are found. That’s just my advice. You’re free to change whatever you like if you have the technical skills to do so. Next week we’ll scan through the Schedule module. Be sure to mark it in your calendar.