Exploring the Location Group Module

The Location Group module is what you use to create a broad category for smaller locations to be filed under in Fishbowl. A location group can be any kind of structure or place with many sections inside it. You can have dozens of locations in a single location group.

Use inventory tracking software to manage inventory in multiple locations, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMultiple Location Groups

Location groups are an important part of Fishbowl. They include warehouses, stores, and other large places that contain many smaller locations within them, such as shipping, repair, inspection, storage, storefront, and other areas. If you have a consignment facility in one city, a warehouse in another, and a manufacturing plant in yet another, you can create location groups for each of them to delineate between them. This helps you track your inventory by knowing exactly where each part is contained and in what quantities.

Creating Location Groups

To create a location group, simply click the New button and add a name and QuickBooks Class. It’s quite simple. Make sure the box is checked to activate the location and then add any users you wish as members of that location group. These are people within the Fishbowl system who are at those locations or who need access to information about them. To edit a location group, simply double-click on it and make any changes you like to its name, QuickBooks Class, and/or members. We’ll pay attention to the Payment Terms module when we come back next week.