How to Manage Warehouse Supply Shipments

Managing a warehouse can be a complex job if you don’t have the right tools. Most likely, there are large quantities of items that need to be tracked. Here are some of the tools that can assist you with your warehouse supply shipments.

Barcode Tracking System

Modernize your inventory and supply chain management, Fishbowl BlogAssigning a barcode to each item in the warehouse will allow you to know exactly how many items are available. Some barcode tracking systems are more accurate than others. For a larger warehouse, you may be able to invest in a system that registers the actual location of the item. This will make it easier to find something that needs to be used or shipped to a customer. Having the ability to simplify your warehouse supplies can take some of the worries off your plate.

Bills of Lading

Most shipping companies use what’s called a bill of lading. This is how the items are documented when the time comes to ship them out the door. It’s similar to a manifest and it lets everyone know which items are on which trucks. You may be able to simplify the process more by purchasing used Arrow Truck semi-trucks to help you with your various shipments. This would allow you to maintain control of your products at all points of the delivery and shipping process.

Inventory Counts

You may be familiar with the idea of doing monthly or quarterly inventory counts. These are typically physical inventory counts in which you verify that your computer records reflect the actual quantities you have in stock. Some companies will only perform these types of counts on an annual basis. You have to decide the frequency in which these counts will be most beneficial for your company. More frequent counts may be required if your employees are struggling to master an electronic tracking system.

Online Tracking Tools

The age of technology has made it almost required that many things be handled online. Your customers may even expect that they have the ability to receive notifications during the shipment process. Using an online tracking tool that monitors the status of shipments can make this possible. It will help you to better manage your shipments. Another benefit is that your customers won’t be taken off guard in reference to when their items are due to arrive. Managing your warehouse supply shipments is another important part of maintaining your business model. Consider it an investment in customer service as well as a way to improve the efficiency of your operation.