Fishbowl’s New and Improved Articles

Discover what is in the Fishbowl corporate brochure, Fishbowl BlogWhether or not you have already seen any of Fishbowl’s articles, get ready for a pleasant surprise. We recently went through and made some big improvements to them. In the past, most of the articles were kept brief and they covered their topics in about 200 words or so. Well, we decided that wasn’t enough. So we expanded on the articles to make sure we left no avenue unexplored as we discussed complex inventory management, manufacturing, accounting, and asset tracking topics. Now when you click on an article you will be bombarded with rich information. Each article is more than 500 words long! Nearly one-third of them are even longer than 1,000 words. And we have more than 100 articles on the Fishbowl website. It was a herculean task to bring them up to snuff, but we did it because more information is always better. And you get to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Fishbowl’s articles are organized into the following 10 categories: Click the links above to see all of these categories and gain access to Fishbowl’s many articles.