The Contents of the Consignment Module

Let’s talk about the Consignment module, which is designed to help you track consigned parts that are sold through third parties. This is the last module in the Materials module group. Automating the sales tax process is a big help to businesses that sell to customers in multiple locations, Fishbowl BlogAdd New Locations – Click the New Location button in the toolbar and enter the appropriate information about the location’s name, location group, and default customer you want to associate with it. Sell Items at a Consignment Location – When a consigned part is sold, you’ll need to create a sales order that reflects that sale. You can even auto-fulfill sales orders as soon as they’re created. Move Inventory to a Consignment Location – Use transfer orders and purchase orders to move inventory to consignment locations. Just click on the Transfer Order or Purchase Order button in the toolbar and then follow the instructions in the wizard that appears. Adjust Inventory in a Consignment Location – Select a location, click on a certain item in that location, and then move, cycle count, or scrap the inventory to adjust the numbers however you like. Transfer Inventory from a Consignment Location – Click the Create TO button to launch the Transfer Order Creation wizard. Then just fill out the forms with the appropriate information, including the part(s) being transferred and the locations they’re going to and from. Next week we’ll begin taking a look at the Sales module group.