Touring the Transfer Order Module

In the Transfer Order module, you can ship and otherwise move items between warehouses and other locations. It’s also fairly simple to replenish part quantities by transferring items from one location that has an abundance of them to another location where they are in short supply. We’ll cover this in greater depth below.

Check out the road map to manufacturing, Fishbowl BlogCreating Transfer Orders

In the module toolbar, you’ll find a green plus sign. Click it to create a transfer order. There are three types of transfer orders you can create: Ship – This is the most formal of the options. You’ll have to specify which locations you want to transfer parts to and from. Then you’ll have to go through the whole process of picking, packing, shipping, and receiving them to complete the transfer order. Move – You do need to identify which locations you’re transferring parts to and from, but all you have to do is pick the appropriate part(s) to complete this type of transfer order. You can move parts to their destination without a formal shipping process. Putaway – Much like the Move type, all you have to do is pick items to complete a Putaway transfer order. The difference is that each part is being transferred to its default location within a certain location group. Once you’ve chosen the type of transfer order, you’ll need to add parts to it. That’s easy enough. Just search for a part or click on the dropdown arrow to bring up a list of your parts. For these items, you’ll usually want to stick with the default type of Send. But if you want to switch to Receive, all that will change is that the To and From destinations will be reversed.

Fulfilling Transfer Orders

Click the Issue button up top so you can begin the fulfillment process. To fulfill any of the three transfer order types, you’ll start by clicking the To Pick button, which will take you to the Picking module. From there, you will need to go to the Shipping and Receiving modules to complete a Ship transfer order. But the Move and Putaway ones don’t require those extra steps.

Replenishing Inventory

There’s a Replenish button in the module’s toolbar. It opens a wizard that allows you to create transfer orders for a number of parts that need to be replenished. It follows pretty much the same steps as the ones listed above with a few variations toward the end. You can filter parts by their fulfillment dates and create a number of transfer orders at the same time. We’ll cover the contents of the Consignment module next week, so stay tuned.