Housing Your Factory: 4 Possible Spaces Worth Investigating

The type of space that you require depends on the needs of your business. Your product line and square footage will dictate the area for your search. Here are some of the spaces that you should investigate as a home for your factory.

Picking the right warehouse location has a huge impact on your business success, Fishbowl BlogCommercial Warehouse Space

This type of space is good if you are looking to have offices and want to encourage the public to visit you. There is also the advantage of being able to select a site with an online search. These types of buildings may not be a good fit for your factory if you work with hazardous chemicals. You will have to investigate to determine if there are any zoning requirements that may apply to your factory. An agent should be able to help you through this process.

Manufacturing Areas

A space that is zoned in a manufacturing area tends to be farther away from residential areas. This can be a good fit if you aren’t a company that gets much traffic from the general public. There may also be fewer restrictions on the types of chemicals and the amount of noise allowed. These types of areas tend to require special construction in order to meet the needs of the businesses. You would need to investigate if any reinforcements to the building would be required prior to you moving into the space.

Industrial Sectors

Renting an industrial space tends to be zoned with fewer requirements. They also are farther from the main part of the city. Certain companies, like The Schueler Group, realize that this is a good fit if you require a large footprint for your factory. It would offer you the most for your money. This type of sector is good for larger plants that are producing materials. Many of these types of buildings have minimal office space and focus on the warehouse floor space instead. You would need to look into whether there are any restrictions on waste disposal or water management issues in that area.

Flex or Mixed Use Buildings

A flex or mixed use building offers you greater flexibility to meet the needs of your factory. There would be significant restrictions on the type of work that could be done in this type of building. These buildings are mainly used for light factory work that has a need for large office space. Noise and the type of chemicals used in the manufacturing process may be more restrictive than another type of building. You would need to investigate if this would be a good fit for your factory. The space that you’re looking to rent would need to fit with your business model. Other things to consider are your budget and the amount of square footage that you require. A dock may also play a part in your decision.