Vital Tactics for Protecting Your Inventory

Vital tactics for protecting your inventory, Fishbowl BlogSecurity is something that business owners with physical products should be concerned about. This is especially true if you sell expensive merchandise and store it in warehouses away from your store. So, what are some ways that you can protect your valuable inventory? Below are some vital tactics to help you do just that. One of the primary goals of security is to make the person or area a hard target as opposed to a soft target. Given enough time and equipment, anyone can break into anywhere. That being said, most thieves have limited time and thus want an easy, or soft, target to steal from, according to AIC. By making your warehouse a hard target, you increase the time it takes to break in, and thus increase the chance of a thief getting caught. This, in turn, decreases the likelihood of your warehouse getting robbed. So, what are some ways to make your warehouse a hard target?

Multiple Locks

By installing multiple locks on primary and even secondary entrances to the warehouse, you can improve the chances that your merchandise stays safe. By introducing several locks, you are adding yet another layer of defense that a criminal will have to break through to steal your inventory. You can even have multiple types of locks that you use on a single entrance to boost security. Make sure to lock windows as well, as these too can be used as entry points.

Security System

There are many different types of security systems to choose from, and they offer various features depending on your price range. Security systems can range anywhere from motion-activated floodlights to security cameras and motion sensors within the warehouse. According to ADT, modern wireless surveillance equipment makes installing a system less of a pain as well. Overall, there is a broad range of security systems to choose from that can meet your budget and provide sufficient services.

Security Guards

Businesses with warehouses will sometimes hire security guards to patrol the warehouse and the property surrounding it. If you are only leasing space within a warehouse for your inventory, you may want to consider talking to the warehouse owner to make sure that they hire security guards. If you own the warehouse, you may want to consider hiring security guards yourself.

Hard Target

In the end, security is all about becoming less of a soft target. For most of us, theft of inventory doesn’t pose nearly the threat that’s posed by poor inventory management. Start your free trial of Fishbowl today to help keep track of your inventory.