Boxstorm Brings Inventory Management to the Cloud

Boxstorm® is a cloud-based inventory management solution that is produced by Fishbowl, developer of the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks. Boxstorm integrates with QuickBooks Online, so it continues the tradition. This video covers a variety of features found in Boxstorm:
  • Access Boxstorm on any mobile or desktop device with an Internet connection.
  • Easily add items and update their quantities in stock.
  • There are options to create purchase orders and sales orders to help with order management.
  • Set up automatic reorder points on items in your inventory to avoid stockouts.
  • Change the status of orders, write notes, and add discounts to certain items.
  • Each module in Boxstorm has an audit feature that lets you drill down into changes made to it.
  • Create a variety of units of measure and then perform unit of measure conversions.
  • Track item costs and check your overall inventory value.
  • Import and export CSV files containing a variety of data on customers, products, vendors, and more.
Boxstorm brings inventory management to the cloud and makes it more convenient to access than traditional inventory management software. Small businesses that are looking to improve the way they manage their inventory should give the video a look, and they can sign up for a free trial of Boxstorm by clicking the link above.